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AG Nominee Loretta Lynch Can't Tell The Legal Difference Between Gay Marriage And Polygamy

Candidates who appear before Senate confirmation hearings are well coached. Much of that coaching involves what to say to avoid giving answers that might blow their confirmation out of the water. 580 more words

The Country Has Capsized. We MUST Turn it Right Side Up

I have begun a post on nullification and the 10th Amendment several times.  There is just too much information for one blog post.  Today, I write this as a basis for nullification and posts will follow with more specifics. 779 more words

Will the High Court Permit Backdoor Regulation of Natural Gas Industry Via State-Law Antitrust Suits?

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in ONEOK v. Learjet, an important case that hinges on the scope of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) field preemption under the Natural Gas Act (NGA). 482 more words

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Supreme Court to Examine Death Penalty Drug Used in Florida.


Updated at 5:54 PM EST on Friday, Jan 23, 2015

One of the drugs used in Florida’s three-drug lethal injection cocktail may be on the chopping block after the Supreme Court agreed to review the usage of midazolam in executions in Oklahoma. 234 more words


Justice Mary Yu: Crossing Boundaries to the Supreme Court

Even a little glimpse into Justice Mary Yu’s past provides an understanding of why the newest Washington State Supreme Court justice brings an unprecedented understanding of minorities being served in the courts. 207 more words

#TheBrief: Why America Could Change How It Puts People to Death

A new Supreme Court case could mean a change in the chemicals that prisons use for lethal injections. Watch #TheBrief to find out more.

Practice Considerations Post Teva v. Sandoz

In Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. v. Sandoz, Inc., No. 13-854, slip op. 574 U.S. __ (2015), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that underlying factual issues resolved while formally construing a disputed patent claim term at the district court level are subject to a clear error standard of review as opposed to a de novo standard. 865 more words

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