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Jollof Rice: so someone brought this into work recently

I’ve heard this dish come up a number of times in conversation at work. This is a West African rice dish and what I initially understood is that this is a… 479 more words


Surf & Turf Skillet

Nothing makes my son happier than steak and shrimp… My kitchen was already clean when he decided to inform me that he was “starving” ! I didn’t want to dirty the whole kitchen so one skillet meal was exactly what I needed! 56 more words


Del Taco's Surf and Turf Burrito

This post begins my transition from the west coast back east. The unfortunate aspect of this move, blog-wise, is that there are less fast food options in my current location, as well as fast food outlets not being as convenient (can you believe there’s no Taco Bell within a 5 minute drive?!?!). 1,201 more words

Steak, Shrimp and Lobster Tails With Broccoli Rabe

2 lbs. sirloin steak
4 lobster tails
1 1/2 lb. broccoli rabe
1/2 lb. shrimp (peeled and boiled)
olive oil
2 cloves of garlic (chopped) 139 more words


How to Prepare Lobster for The Holidays

If there is one dish I truly love it is lobster. When I was growing up, Surf and Turf was a favorite holiday meal and always a real treat. 554 more words


Surf & Turf, duck vs prawns

Sometimes I really sit down and think about this question. Why do I love food so much? Yes it’s nutritious and the body needs it for everyday functioning. 747 more words

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