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Shoulder on

Don’t your shoulders just slump when you’ve been counting down the seconds until you can finish work and go for a surf – it’s been blowing gently offshore all day and the sun is warm (perfect surf weather) – but as soon as you swing your car into the car park at your local break, the wind shifts direction and suddenly it’s messy onshore? 21 more words

Photo Of The Day: Surf Sunrise

On the beach at Southern Shores, North Carolina.

Handheld, Nikon D600, 18-35mm.

Posting and running today.  Thanks for the look. Have a great week.

The Scooter Surfaris: Part II

A couple of days ago, I made a spare of the moment decision to leave my Balinese paradise and go on a solo adventure. Bali is an incredible place and I’ll probably head back there soon, but the urge to discover means that sooner or later – usually sooner – I get itchy feet and have to leave wherever it is I happen to be. 774 more words



Since I’ve got back from USA last June, I’ve spent the vast majority of my time playing two private games.  These 2 games kind of burned me out for a couple of reasons. 469 more words


Kelly Slater on Surfing and WHAT IS SUCCESS?

  Drew Farwell

What is success?

Really? For every person it can be measured differently: money, houses, wives, world titles, but for one of my biggest mentors, Kelly Slater, success is simply “getting better.” I like that. 215 more words


California Dreaming

Tomorrow, I head to California to celebrate the wedding of a close friend. In honor of my California trip, I thought I would take a look back on a previous wander in Southern California. 156 more words