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Microsoft makes a 'functional' Surface Pro out of cardboard (video)

Microsoft is sending out kinda-sorta functional, cardboard-crafted versions of its Surface Pro tablet to raise awareness about the device launching in 25 different countries soon. 109 more words


Trying a new laptop

Finally bought a Surface Pro 3, and bought it from the Microsoft Store because it has a generous 30-day return policy. I got the 256GB/Core i7 model mostly to see if there are any downsides to going with the top-of-the-line model. 111 more words


WP Central Reviews the Surface Pro 3

WP Central has out on YouTube a brief, 11 minutes, review of the Surface Pro 3. The overall verdict is positive with the reviewer really liking it but thinking, probably primarily due to the less than budget conscious pricing, that it’s possibly not for everybody. 391 more words

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Microsoft Tablet and 3D CAD Used to Design Next-Gen Microsoft Tablet

Suppose a computer company wanted to convince you that its wafer-thin tablet could replace your laptop. As an engineer or designer, you probably want to see the device run some full-blown 3D CAD software. 191 more words

Creo Customers

How Fast can Microsoft Put Broadwell in a Surface Pro?

By Rich W Woods

Microsoft has released three Surface Pros since the original shipped in February. In fact, they released three Surface Pros in 15 months. 595 more words

Magical PowerPoint backgrounds with photos and finger painting

With little effort – and lot of fun, you can create amazing backgrounds for PowerPoint using Surface Pro.

Learn how to do finger painting and smudging using Fresh Paint and get outstanding results. 753 more words


New webcomic page

Due to aforementioned death in my family/Stress etc I’ve been neglecting my webcomic Helheim I decided to redraw my last page in Manga Studio instead and it looks a looooooot better, I feel more confident keeping up with the schedule I’ve set myself (every Thursday)- Check it out! 35 more words