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Starting out

So far I have managed to complete a few of the lessons from Lazy Foo’s SDL Tutorial. I can truly recommend what I have seen so far. 380 more words


Scratching the Surface

I have been thinking of creating a website dedicated to beginning hobby game development for several months now. A blog to keep track of what I am doing, for nobody in particular. 269 more words

Game Development

Identifying an Emerged Technology (EDUC 8342 Mod 1 BLOG)

Thornburg (2013) asserted that contemporary computer users are moving from the desktops to the more portable laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. In the past few years, I believe that this assertion can be further revised to state the laptops are giving up ground to the increasingly popular tablet computers. 466 more words


Best Tablet Computer - Is the Race Over?

The debate is as old as the tablet itself. Through creative advertising, sleek design and pricing, there are several components that come together to create the best tablet computer. 436 more words


Back to School - but which tablet or laptop to take?

The Summer break is just about over and sadly it’s time to get ready for school. But what’s the best piece of kit to head back with? 87 more words


Microsoft makes a 'functional' Surface Pro out of cardboard (video)

Microsoft is sending out kinda-sorta functional, cardboard-crafted versions of its Surface Pro tablet to raise awareness about the device launching in 25 different countries soon. 109 more words


Trying a new laptop

Finally bought a Surface Pro 3, and bought it from the Microsoft Store because it has a generous 30-day return policy. I got the 256GB/Core i7 model mostly to see if there are any downsides to going with the top-of-the-line model. 111 more words