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More Morning Photography: The Surfer's Paradise

As I took a good number of shots on this windy and wave-filled morning, I figured I’d hoist another to the mast! Alright, no ships were involved, just a couple of surfers I watched arrive at the ocean and quickly head to what I can only assume was the ‘right section of beach’ to catch the perfect wave(s). 128 more words


Information Superhighway Surfboard

I found this artifact of late 90s e-kitsch in the Bargain Dollar, which—hooooooly crap, if you’re ever in north-central Ohio and you’re a very specific kind of weird, you have to check this place out.  216 more words

Real Things

Making a hollow wood surfboard – Superlight 6’8″ Fish – Part 3

This beauty is pretty much finished!  Just a few more coats of my beeswax/linseed oil mix, then it’ll be ready for the sea!   Can’t wait!  I think you’ll agree… the grain on this board is stunning! 81 more words


one fin, one baby and 3 rattlesnakes

I admit to being a bit of a sucker for old things. My first car was a 1963 mini, followed by a 1964 Ford Cortina and I chose a 1961 model husband! 200 more words


Know Who Made It

We were honored to be a part of Krochet Kids International‘s new #knowwhomadeit campaign.  This video eloquently captures something that is a value of great importance (both to us, and to our friends at KKI)… the stories of the hands that touch finished products.   19 more words


The Reluctant Surfer

The Reluctant Surfer i used to be.
scared of the storm and the waves i see.
the water looks deep and the height is steep. 146 more words