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January 2015

I’m probably going to start blogging less… Sorry.
Though I will be doing “Months in Review” at the end of each month, to post my favourite photos from the last 30 days. 47 more words


Keala Kennelly Puts Her Son On His First Wave...So Cool, 3 Generations Of Surfers In The Water

Amazing to see a world class surfer be able to share their passion with their kid.  Such a special moment.  Also really cool that the grandparents (also surfers) came out for the occasion.


oh the places you'll go...

usually i just try and entertain you or make you jealous about the monster waves i catch (he he he). today i am going to persuade you to buy a… 79 more words


Looks Like Aussie Dolphins Like Surfing As Much As Aussie People

This video was shot in Esperance, along south Western Australia’s beautiful coastline. I wonder if they get all territorial if one dolphin snakes another dolphins wave?

Mucka Mucka Mucka….


Road Tripping

When I’m really hungry, surfed a lot, barely slept and been in a car way too long I enter a state that Garrett refers to as “Loopy Marcus”. 27 more words



Check out this gif of Trever.  It is personally made to reveal a surfers experience of finding flow.  Following Trever throughout a day in the life of a surfer was nothing but r a d i c a l. .

Demi Castanon reblogged this on a glimpse into my life and commented:

I took this from my past blog called TheFlowWithinMe.  I recently traveled down south, snapped some pictures (one even came from snapchat!) and bundled them together to create a slideshow about surfing. Enjoy and more to come! Sincerely, D