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Boat Days of Summer - Pt.1

Summer, the ultimate season – the days are longer, people are happier, and the possibilities of how to fill those long, hot days seem endless. 275 more words


Finless surfing with Mikey Wright

If you’ve ever surfed before, you know that ripping without fins is a hard thing to do. They are the one thing that keeps you going straight down the line and control to rip turns. 31 more words


BNQT Babes: Nicole Pacelli takes SUP hotness to a whole new level

Stand Up Paddle may not be the most popular sport in surfing, but when you watch babes like Nicole Pacelli, you can’t help but wonder if you should pick up a board and head out just so you can chat it up with the SUP hottie. 31 more words


The Wave® - Bristol

UKBoardLife are looking forward to this place to open. Just north of Bristol City, its a venue that will allow people to get outside, exercise, relax and socialise with each other, while catching some waves. 102 more words


Celebrating success

Celebrating success,
Is perhaps the real test,

Cherishing what has been already achieved,
Instead of allowing the glory to be thieved,

By the next goal, 324 more words

National Trust App

One of the final projects of the year was to design an app for the National Trust to entice new visitors. We had the choice to either stick to the National Trust guidelines or have total creative freedom. 140 more words

Surfing the concrete waves of Surrey

Here at UKBoardLife we love everything that is board shaped that we can ride. Obviously we all have our favourites, whether it’s surfing the waves of the UK shores, hitting the snow of the UK snow domes, being pulled along the water by cable or boat, rolling across the tarmac below, catching some wind with a kite or sail, or even riding down a mountain getting muddy, there is a board to love for everyone. 400 more words

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