Plastic Surgery: What to Do Before and After

Pre-surgery period can bring out the worrywart in you, especially if it’s your first time to go under the knife. Calm your nerves down with these preparation tips and learn more about post-operative care: 187 more words


Opening Hearts in Rwanda

I was incredibly fortunate to be able to join an amazing team visiting Rwanda in October last year. The Healing Hearts Northwest team from the USA is one of four teams that come to Rwanda annually to perform live changing & saving surgery every year. 375 more words


Never Too Early to Target Skin Aging

You’re only in your twenties but already stacking up on different anti-aging products. Good news is that it’s perfectly fine. Although aging will come later in life, poor diet, vices, and other external factors can speed up the process. 208 more words


Accolades and appreciation to Dr David Taylor (Colorectal Surgeon) …

What to do upon finding my trusted specialist had retired – if only my nasty tummy had retired with him !! But then again maybe his replacement was fresh out of tum-versity with all the latest techniques – albeit he was quick to tell me that although tummy-tucks were now common place tummy transplants were still a way away… 85 more words


Special Invitation from Frank M. Phillips, MD.



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Course Director 441 more words
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