What I'm Thankful For

Cause all that mushy crap about being thankful for friends, family, blah, blah, blah this time of year really chaps my ass, here’s a CynicalPT “thankful” list. 330 more words

Physical Therapy

A Surgeon That Doesn't Mess Around

I have to repost this, just have to…it’s by a surgeon who kindly follows my site.

For anyone who thinks that being a doctor is akin to joining some elite club where everyone washes each other’s back and golfs on Friday afternoon, this needs to be read. 38 more words

In the Dark

A surgeon teaching a health policy class contacted me seeking access to this editorial published in the October 2014 edition of General Surgery News. Perhaps other surgeons have ideas about overcoming obstacles to incorporating the Time Out in a meaningful way in the operating room.   100 more words

The Guild

When the Gods let you down you make your own silver lining

When I first had my operation for prostate cancer four and a half years ago, I thought that my surgeon was God for his vocation is trying to save lives. 733 more words

BBC Sunday Morning Live: Surgeons/transparency, returning jihadis and the meaning of Christmas


Should performance rates of surgeon be published?

What should we do about jihadists who want to return to Britain?

Have we lost the meaning of Christmas? 26 more words


Rwanda Day 4: We didn't bring a robot

Day 4 and we’re 10 operations in. A few challenges along the way but that’s sort of the nature of the game. Although it’s been easy enough to mention the stuff about all the fancy gear and big machines, it’s actually probably more important that we brought people. 678 more words

General Stuff