Order from Chaos, and how to eat it

Leftover rice. It lurks at the back of the fridge, pallid and resentful -a maggoty reminder of inefficient ‘measuring by eye’. I don’t trust people who weigh rice and pasta using a weighing machine. 745 more words

Family Meals

Brow Lifts Give You a Youthful, Refreshed Look

Have brow lifts got you raising your eyebrows? Do you feel like it’s pointless, or think that improving your brow area won’t make any difference? Don’t dismiss the procedure just yet. 196 more words


Watching Surgery: Beware the fainting

Disclaimer: obviously everyone reacts differently to different situations and each hospital might be different. This is just a good to know about how I reacted. 690 more words


4) The Tower Of Angels

The new RVI building has a little green bit on the end, it is given it’s own name, The Great North Children’s Hospital. And great it is! 397 more words


Gaming can lead to better medical training

As I’ve mentioned before, I work for a medical association, and part of that job includes managing the Facebook and Twitter accounts. I post anything that I think the members of the society may care about, and in order to find out the latest news in the field, I receive Google alerts. 565 more words


Cosmetic Surgeons: Sculptors, Not Magicians

In this business of making people beautiful, patients should bear in mind that cosmetic surgeons are sculptors and not magicians — they can do wonders with what they have, but can’t make something out of nothing. 222 more words


Am I Nervous?

I can’t believe that just came out of a surgeons mouth! Am I nervous? I dunno, you’re about to cut into my head and I’m clinging to a stuffed dog, but I thought I had a nice vibe of terrified going on here. 51 more words