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American HealthCARE: A Language Problem

Nowadays, the term “healthcare” gets thrown around quite often without anyone ever giving a second thought of what is really being said, and the implications of this ignorance are the beginning of where many of the issues with our current medical system start. 1,332 more words


Cancer Treatment - Lies And The Pharmaceutical Industry

After having just been told by the doctor that you have somehow contracted a now-common disease with no known definite cure, the doctor then informs you that you have a maximum of five years to live. 1,208 more words

Big Pharma

6 Ways to Know You're a Great Parent

1. You Think You’re a Terrible Parent
Unfortunately, the crappy parents think they’re doing an awesome job as their kid edges closely to the electrical socket with a fork, while the awesome parents lie awake in bed, analyzing every aspect of their parenting decision for the day. 429 more words



I met with Dr. Walker today to go over the pathology report and let him look at my incisions and remove the drain. The drain has to stay for a few more days. 583 more words

Scope of robotics in surgery expanding

Durgesh Nandan Jha,TNN | Aug 1, 2014 | Times of India.

NEW DELHI: There are already robots that can assist in surgery, like the da Vinci surgery system. 273 more words

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Jamie's BLOG - DAY 212 :: out!

One amazing, wonderful, beautiful, thing happened today. My drains came out. My. Drains. Came. Out.

I’m a free woman. Ahhhhh. My drains came out.

More tomorrow. 8 more words

Peak Performance