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Tomorrow, imorgon, huomena ...

There’s only one thing in my mind right now – the Snickers I hid away in the cupboard when I got home tonight (I was ever so subtle… 106 more words


What they never tell you about losing a lot of weight

Editor’s note: Shannon Britton of Tampa, Florida, first shared her story with CNN iReport. She is the author of this report.

(CNN) – At 27 years old, I weighed 486 pounds and decided to have gastric bypass surgery. 873 more words


Meet our new guest blogger Yvonne

We are very excited to announce a new member of our writing team, Yvonne Mccarthy AKA Bariatric Girl. Yvonne is a certified health and wellness coach whose own transformational story has inspired so many to make positive changes to their own lives. 297 more words


Joan Rivers' daughter: 'Fingers crossed' on comedian's recovery

(CNN) — The latest statement from Joan Rivers’ daughter gave no new information about the comedian’s condition three days after she was rushed to a New York hospital. 484 more words


Spinal treatment

Neurology & Spine – Diagnostics and Treatment

Neurology & Spine, the study of the nerves, is a medical specialty involving the central and the peripheral nervous systems as well. 212 more words


Kohki Hiranuma's Osaka Dental Surgery Functions Curvy Corners And A Twisted Roof

A complex arrangement of overlapping wooden joists provides a twisted roof to this dental surgery in Osaka Prefecture by Japanese studio Kohki Hiranuma Architect &amp Associates (+ slideshow). 23 more words

Accidental Husband Chapter 20. Bedside Manner

Chapter 22. Bedside Manner

Stopping at the locked ICU doors, Barbara picked up the phone on the wall.

‟May I help you.” The voice was impersonal, professional and disinterested as if answering the request for entry a hundredth time this shift. 1,064 more words