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Dyke At the Dentist: Day Two

Welcome butches, dykes, queers, dandies, and dolls, to day two of my great conquest of wisdom teeth removal (there’s really no other medical term for that?), and the days following it. 2,189 more words


Everything You Should Know About FUE Hair Transplant in Punjab

Loss of hair at a young age can be awkward. Let me correct myself, hair loss is always an embarrassing condition for both men and women irrespective of their age. 475 more words


Blood, sweat and tears

There was probably plenty of blood when they cut me open for the selective dorsal rhizotomy 10 days ago. I’m pretty sure I cried at some point in my hospital stay, even though they kept me pretty well drugged up the whole time (it might have been removal of the… 259 more words

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy


Holo friends!!!

Fun fact: I got my wisdom teeth out! So, I thought, since firstly: I haven’t really blogged anything super interesting in a while, and secondly: I have nothing better to do except watch telly and read, I would tell you guys about it. 923 more words


IN$urance Hell

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in early October 2013 and had 11 business days to prepare for double mastectomy. Virtually every other day I was heading somewhere for a test or to fill out paperwork. 528 more words

Welcome home Ali

She had a biopsy and partial surgery on he r nose to remove part of the raw skin this morning and came home this afternoon. 65 more words