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Some Occupations You've Never Heard of Revealed in English Surnames

It’s easy to guess what an ancestor of someone named Cook, Carpenter, or Smith did for a living. With other occupational surnames, though, either the word or the trade has become obsolete, so the meaning is hidden. 41 more words


And an Opera Singer at That!

Let’s find out a little about Alice Campbell, the mother of Norma Lymburner, who was born 24th February 1870 in Auckland New Zealand, the second child of Neil Campbell and Ann Greene. 1,068 more words

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If your last name is Burger, Tyson, or Gordon...

…it’s hard for me to take you seriously when you’re subconsciously making me hungry.


Where was Leonardo da Vinci born?

In Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci was born on 15 April 1452, in a farmhouse about 3 kilometers from the town of Vinci, near Florence. His full name was “Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci”, which means “Leonardo, son of Piero, of Vinci”. 7 more words

A Maintenance Case

As you would have read on my post of the 19th July 2014, the local Geraldton Express had an article relating to Charles Lymburner being sued for maintenance by his wife Zenobia. 1,591 more words

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Death Certificates

For about a week now, I have been writing up a list of death certificates that I would like to get for my relatives that have passed. 285 more words


Brides changing their surnames: 6 Biblical reasons

Should you say “I do” to changing your name when you get married? I think there are six biblically-based reasons why it may be a good idea: 246 more words