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Brides changing their surnames: 6 Biblical reasons

Should you say “I do” to changing your name when you get married? I think there are six biblically-based reasons why it may be a good idea: 246 more words


19th August 1915. What's in a Name?

Four main ways that surnames have developed include for instance: place name (Hill), father’s given-name (Roberts), occupation (Mason), and a nickname, based on many features: Sweyn Forkbeard, Rolf Bluetooth, William Longsword, and the modern: Broadhead, Longstaff, Crookshank and the like. 580 more words


Evernote Use-Surnames

I’ve created a new notebook in Evernote titled Surname Variations and have different notes for each of the surnames I’m researching and different spelling variations I come across. 23 more words


What is your Finnish name?

Miko. So exotic in New Zealand. So common in Finland. Well, Mika and Mikko are common boys names, so people are often surprised and ask why he has a Finnish name. 345 more words

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