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Mankiw, N. (2007). Brief Principles of Macroeconomics (4th ed.). Mason, OH: Thompson Higher Education.

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Budget deficits are neither good nor bad

This is going to be a re-blog of a re-blog, which is a bit lazy of me, but I’m repeating it again because I think it’s rather pertinent at the moment, what with the talk about long term economic plans to generate budget surpluses and spending cuts and tax hikes supposedly totalling £50bn on the way. 704 more words


The elusive surplus threatens poverty measures

It looks like the Government won’t make their promised surplus next year due to reduced tax take and pressure from reducing milk prices.

NZ Herald reported…

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Joe Oliver says plunging oil prices won't derail plans to balance books, offer tax breaks (with video)

Oil prices are continuing to tumble and erode the federal government’s bottom line, but not Finance Minister Joe Oliver’s confidence that the Conservatives can fulfil political promises to balance the books in 2015 and implement billions of dollars in family tax breaks. 879 more words


Wall Tent Mod to USGI Pup Tent!

Made a wall tent mod to the USGI Shelter Half pup tent similar to what is described in this article from the Boy Scouts magazine; 351 more words