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Once again, I was surprised by my mail. Last time, it was coffee from a little bro, and this time, it was from the Dutchman. 266 more words

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Diary entry #24 - A surprising reaction

Today i went to one of my neighbors to talk about some stuff during some nice tea. Sounds boring right? right. That, of course wasn’t the real reason i was there. 662 more words


5 Ways to Surprise Your Husband

We all need a little element of surprise to spice up our days and our relationships. I started to think of ways that I try to surprise Conner or things he has done recently to remind me he was thinking of me. 502 more words

Married Life

Megan Nicole's Got A Surprise Announcement Coming Soon!

So, Megan Nicole dished out on Twitter recently that she has a surprise announcement coming real soon for all of her fans out there.

I’ve got a big announcement coming soon!!

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What Is Demi Lovato Secretly Working On??

Okay, seriously! What has Demi Lovato been working on lately because we’re so pumped to know! Yesterday on her Twitter, she went on to say she had a nice surprise for everybody. 183 more words

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You know those days, when you wake up all tired, sleepy, when you know it’s gonna be a long day? Well, this is how my day started…I was all sleepy, almost late for work and I knew I have a lot to do. 135 more words

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