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The divine desire to fight for righteousness

We love sticking up for the underdog. We love seeing good triumph over evil. We applaud when we witness courage defeat cowardice. We all love a hero who refuses to give up regardless of how the odds are stacked against him. 509 more words

What a Weekend

The weekend is sadly over but that doesn’t mean the memories are gone. I hope everyone had a great time this weekend. Mine was crazy busy yet relaxing. 318 more words


Jaw dropping

How do you deal with people who have no concept of time? You know them, the ones who are always running behind. They will probably be late to their own funeral. 14 more words


The Liebster Award!!

Imagine my surprise at being nominated for a Liebster Award, especially when I’ve been having a crappy week. I’ve seen these floating around on other people’s blogs so am over the moon to receive my own. 1,314 more words


Surprised it's still icy

I had a trundle – and a tumble – on the route one cycle path south of Sunderland this morning. Conditions were surprisingly poor, a mixture of mud, ice, and water on top. 75 more words


Oh yeah...

I had a realization last night, too. I made my sister play cards with me so she wouldn’t be holed up in her room all night while me and my other sister were in the living room…and it was fun…I always thought I got sad when I left my bff’s house after staying the night or just hanging out there at night because I missed them…and yeah, I miss them…but I’m lonely…I’m really lonely. 116 more words