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Pain And Ptsd

I m surprised there is not a separate forum for pain. I ve suffered from migraines since my abuse at 11. I feel my PTSD feeds off pain. 82 more words


Curious about what I’m up to? Just have a tiny bit of curiosity but scared to ask because in the past people have pounced on you trying to recruit? 74 more words


Screening A New Therapist

I was surprised yesterday to get a phone message from the last therapist who turned me down because I don t live in her area. It was around a month ago and just now she is calling to tell me she can see me after all. 67 more words

Suarez surprised to be at Barcelona

Barcelona and Uruguay forward Luis Suarez has described his move to Barcelona as unbelievable as it fulfilled his childhood dream to be part of the Blaugrana. 151 more words

The Kindness Of Strangers

Sometimes, we are overwhelmed by all the bad things people do, and forget there are still good souls out there. It’s easy to do. We don’t hear about the good stuff nearly as much as we hear about the bad stuff, but it’s important to remember that sometimes, people are out to help other people, and that we’re not always alone. 756 more words


Boss ‘I don’t trust he will do work properly’

Secretary ‘Sir, if you don’t trust, then why you entrust on him that job?’

Boss ‘No other option.. 122 more words

Daddy's Reaction

As we sat having dinner, daddy asked me how my day had been. I told him it had been great, and that I’d gone for coffee after school. 291 more words