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Leaf three

And something to commemorate our Anzac Day tomorrow (the fiasco that was Gallipoli), a wonderful post by Antonio de Simone: Solitario Equilibrio.


My Diary

I saw my reflection in the thirteenth floor windows before I woke up to see a gleaming polished head in an oyster shell. I had to walk an avenue counting prehistoric menhirs before I left the house (which was shaped like an acoustic guitar). 66 more words



I wear music
In notes you’ll never

Or notes
Perhaps, that you could have
But chose not to.

And so I shall touch… 84 more words


My Diary

I woke with an alligator head not quite in the centre of my shoulders; relegating my own head to an earring. It was too wet to relieve the sentries and I cried crocodile tears as the waiter came round with a housing estate on a plate. 70 more words