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Falling With Style

This poem was written to encapsulate my experience of sky diving. From the poem, you may guess that I liked it, but what can you tell about me from the title alone, I wonder? 44 more words

Tom Angleberger [Sam Riddleburger]--The Qwikpick Papers: Poop Fopuntain! (2007)


This song is the theme to Disney’s Haunted Mansion.  I’ve been to the Haunted Mansion perhaps a dozen times and I recognized a line from it (when the ghosts appear next to you in the ride), but I can’t say I ever paid attention or even thought about to this song before. 1,182 more words

Funny (ha Ha)

Halloween Special!

In the spirit of Halloween, and because I haven’t posted yet this week, I’ve decided to post a short story I wrote about a group of friends who find themselves in the a little house in the middle of nowhere. 2,270 more words

Read my ticket. punch my words out...

this type of hardness, toughness about life breaks me up. Sinatra made a career out of it. Now you hear it in truck commercials.

by David Halliday


the high wind tumbled a wood pile.  I wondered does the wind have a Master.  the high wind still spoke in the cabin.  it’s a beautiful day for trees’ roots to remain.  81 more words