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Shadow Cooking

Shadow Cooking

Klep melted through thick coils of smoke wafting from the charred remains. Flimsy streaks of early morning light sifted between the blackened clouds and his gaunt frame dipped to inspect a melded trio of bodies, mangled faces pressed together on impact, seeping limbs interlinked. 1,243 more words

Worst Hangover Movies Vol. 1

Escapism, that’s the name of the game. When movie magic can temporally nullify an aggressive hangover it’s important to stick to the safe and soothing. Go searching for an undiscovered classic or a refreshing change and you run the risk of unearthing forces which can lower you to a whole new level of sickness. 734 more words


You Are Wrong

The next two drawings are just plain drawings. No, they do not represent any subliminal message. I used these figures because I thought they were awesome. 130 more words