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Week 4 Discussion Post

The film I chose was Un Chien Andalou by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali because it is a prime example of surrealist french cinema. From start to finish I had a very uneasy feeling throughout this film. 218 more words

Discussion Post

Conversational Miss Herrings Part XX

After a 900k round trip to the airport and saying creepy goodbyes I come back to a home-cooked meal, wake up to breakfast in bed and pre-order Moron 5’s new album/He’s fat for good pig dresses and smells of bad pepper here/Good work, guys, you found the halloumi and got knitted to death for being noisy/It’s funny that it tastes like there’s more soot in the dry roasted peanuts than the salted ones/Let’s talk about manly things like boobies and fries/She’s so cool you can comb your hair and look like you/The crowd are stunned and stoned are delighted I want to cry/I deliberately go on Cardiff journeys to get mishearings/Omelettes and upwards/Why have United not signed Vidal? 309 more words


Photography by Ibai Acevedo

I love the way the artists plays with the light. It’s what gives these pictures a story. Amazing work.