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Surrogacy solution to intended parents

A surrogate carries the gift of life for another couple or individual. For some people, carrying their own baby through pregnancy is impossible and a surrogate offers their only hope of having a child. 103 more words


An overview on types and process of surrogacy

Carrying a pregnancy on behalf of infertile couple is defined as surrogacy and the women who accept this agreement or arrangement is recognized as surrogate mother… 226 more words

First Quarter Update

Hello my dedicated followers,

It’s that time for an update on my progress of my current WIP. If I can’t be held accountable by my readers who will I be accountable too. 321 more words


The Big Apple Edition

I arrived in Boston last week greeted with sub zero temperatures. Well, I guess it was about time I experienced some cold weather!

I met academics at Harvard Law School to discuss global surrogacy issues. 334 more words

Who needs surrogacy ?

Surrogacy is usually chosen when a woman can’t carry a child to term for various reasons. Women who cannot sustain a healthy pregnancy can still have genetically related children using a… 131 more words


The Future Ethics of Cloning

Response to:
Surrogate Mother Wanted for Neanderthal Baby
Jan 22, 2013 12:22 PM ET // by LiveScience

It is amazing how far science has come; what was once pure science fiction is now becoming a reality. 309 more words

Advantages of Gestational surrogate pregnancy

A gestational surrogate pregnancy is not the result of the surrogate’s own egg or eggs, she is less likely to think of the baby as “hers.” If an egg donor is used, the egg donor has no legal rights to the baby whatsoever. 143 more words