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Can the World Avert a New Cold War?

The West is charging off into a new Cold War with Russia under banners of hypocrisy, from charges of “expansionism” to complaints about disrespect for individual rights. 447 more words

MacWorld joins others on encryption theme

MacWorld just published the first part of a series of articles on how to encrypt everything. They have a very reasonable bottomline:

…any method by which a government agent can access our data is a conduit for thieves, companies, and other governments to use as well.

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Hunger Games And Our Biggest Fears About Society

Income inequality, fears of the surveillance state, and media as a tool of propaganda propaganda.
Dena Takruri breaks down how the ‪‎Hunger Games‬ films reflect some of the biggest fears about the future of our society as the new film Mockingjay‬ premieres.