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Privacy is Dead: Get Over It with Steve Rambam

This is a playlist (sorry, it’s the best we could find) of private investigator Steve Rambam‘s classic talk Privacy is Dead. The talk has depressed and inspired and startled security experts for years, and once again Rambam’s (newly updated) talk is quite clearly is THE talk of… 74 more words



Wireless company in middle of NSA scandal offers gift cards for your web surfing and location history

by KIT DANIELS | INFOWARS.COM | JULY 21, 2014… 417 more words

The NAHB Specialty Trade Contractor Safety Program of the Year

LinkUs Enterprises provides design and installation services for best-in-class home automation systems for such purposes as entertainment, lighting, climate control, and surveillance. A company that has earned Golden Gate recognition for its commitment to health and safety from the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration, LinkUs Enterprises was nominated for the 2010 National Association of Home Builders Specialty Trade Contractor Safety Program of the Year award. 145 more words

LinkUs Enterprises

US Military Once Planned on Building Surveillance System on the Moon

Geetika Rudra reports for ABC News:

‘The United States military once planned to build a surveillance station on the moon.

Code named “Project Horizon,” a declassified report released today on the 45th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s historic moonwalk outlines the military’s detailed plans to install a moon-to-Earth surveillance system that would have been used for “facilitating communications with and observation of the earth.”‘



What is neoliberalism?

robinjames (@doctaj) on neoliberalism:

I want to hone in on one tiny aspect of neoliberalism’s epistemology. As Foucault explains in Birth of Biopolitics, “the essential epistemological transformation of these neoliberal analyses is their claim to change what constituted in fact the object, or domain of objects, the general field of reference of economic analysis” (222).

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#Mustreads From Other Sites: The NSA's New Foes, DNA Police Sketches

Good morning! Here’s some of what we’ve been reading over the weekend at Re/code:

  1. Government surveillance has some unlikely new foes: An entrepreneur and a convicted hacker have teamed up together to take on the NSA, by working on new encryption technologies for email metadata.
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