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“As a surveyor I have always been intrigued by AEC projects that have a budget of tens of millions of dollars but the initial survey budget gets beaten down to the lowest bidder.

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Laser Scanning


We kicked off the day with a visit to a Heritage site in Kuala Lumpur city centre that is under threat from the government and property developers, it was pretty cool because it is a slice of traditional rural jungle Malaysia in the heart of the Capital. 493 more words


The Royal Palace

Last night hit us all like a tonne of bricks, we kept arrving early for stuff, so I decided to have a lie down outside the royal gates.  239 more words


The Reggae Bar

Another night with not much sleep and Tuesday we had real lectures; staying awake was a struggle and after one heavy lecture we all ran off to get food. 376 more words


Universiti Malaya

Most of us only got about 2/3 hours sleep as we had to get up at 7am to get into University; we were horrifically hungover, the heat was unbearable and none of us had any water.  171 more words


Michigan Tech Visit

Like all good things, our trip to the USA came to an end and before we knew it, we were back in the tropics! We started sweating almost immediately and dirt again found its way under our toenails, but we quickly forgot about these minor annoyances upon our arrival to our house, where we discovered that the jungle had moved in during our absence. 219 more words