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View from my office window

While this office is nowhere near as nice as my last one, and the dirty old socialist windows are impossible to clean, and it’s freezing in winter, it does have a nice view of the forested hills surrounding the small Ruthenian town of Svidnik. 82 more words

Plan Your foremost Camping outdoors You surviving Supplies


When you are coming to a decision your journey while in the direction of your cut off tract, and also only prefer to often be furnished, the following may often be a excellent considered to include a you surviving set up. 604 more words

Axe For Survival

Ultimate year supply?

One of the most important thing when you talk about a bug out plan or when a natural disaster happens if food!  People like the idea of having coo toys, bags and gear in order to survive. 267 more words


Can you survival with a cell phone?

Ever leave home without your cell phone?

For most of us, the answer these days is no. I think I’d be more comfortable leaving home without my pants on.  1,200 more words


Night Light Philosophy.

Every night, when the lights go out (and sometimes before) I begin to hear little noises…. And see shadows darting by. Yes. I have mice. Not the pet kind that strange people PAY for at the pet store. 538 more words

Enter the ice bandana.

I did say I was collecting ice packs and neck pillows, didn’t I?  Well, here’s the thing that helps me mow the lawn and not end up looking like I went ten rounds with whoever the big boxer is these days. 180 more words

Survival Gear

Who knew right! The Miracle tape

If there ever was a miracle product better than spray-on-hair or the ShamWow, it is duct tape. Over the past 70 years of its existence, this staple product of fix-it-yourselfers has been used by virtually every walk of life, for jobs that I’m sure the duct tape developers never imagined. 792 more words