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Enter the ice bandana.

I did say I was collecting ice packs and neck pillows, didn’t I?  Well, here’s the thing that helps me mow the lawn and not end up looking like I went ten rounds with whoever the big boxer is these days. 180 more words

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Who knew right! The Miracle tape

If there ever was a miracle product better than spray-on-hair or the ShamWow, it is duct tape. Over the past 70 years of its existence, this staple product of fix-it-yourselfers has been used by virtually every walk of life, for jobs that I’m sure the duct tape developers never imagined. 792 more words


Because I can't fill my car with inflatable foam....

Having fallen too much in love with the pillow I got to take everywhere with me, I realized I need to just have neck pillows everywhere, and got myself this thing with the money I might have blown on cab fare to yet another doctor and perhaps now I’ll be able to drive for longer than ten minutes before all my shit starts screaming. 22 more words

Survival Gear

Our cost plus 8% on all products all the time!

Weather the storm is back from our break! We’ve gone through some big changes in these last seven months. The biggest change is we no longer have an online store. 324 more words

In the field and thirsty

Spector makes a lot of equipment for the US Military, they modify it to be universal to suit all the units in each Military branch.  I would like to introduce you one of their hydration systems, the water bladder (hydration pouch). 210 more words

Military Gear

I'm actively collecting ice packs and neck pillows.

“What does it look like?” I asked, pulling my eBay score out of the bubble mailer.

“A toilet seat,” Nan said.


I suppose I could say my head’s in the toilet these days, but this pillow has helped me not go insane from explodey head.   300 more words

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Little-Known Uses for Paracord in Outdoor Survival

Paracord, short for parachute cord, can save your life if you need to leave a plane (note: only if there’s a parachute attached to it.) 493 more words

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