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The Evil Within - Chapter 12 - The Ride (2 Parts)

All aboard the chapter 12 express, please mind the gap between those two collapsing buildings, and do not let go of your weapons at any time… 42 more words


Sony Releases Seven Minutes of "Until Dawn" Gameplay Footage

Few things in the horror world are currently more exciting to me than all of this Until Dawn footage Sony has been releasing, and the newest seven minutes worth are absolutely enticing. 189 more words


The Offering: Abduction (Beta Grounds)

Hello everybody, Im an indie game developer currently working on a pure survival horror game filled with puzzles and a very interesting plot, The Offering: Abduction which is going to be totally free and is intend to be released on 2015. 241 more words

Survival Horror

The Evil Within

I really haven’t been playing that many new games, much less ones I felt were worth a post, during this semester’s classes. Now that they’re done with, though, I can at least write something about The Evil Within, which I’ve just completed. 660 more words

Day Z - A Beginner's Guide

So you think you have what it takes to survive through DayZ? Well it isn’t easy.  Average player survival time as of writing this is an hour and three minutes.  708 more words


The 'Best Use Of Rain That Actually Makes A Characters' Clothes Gradually Get Wet' Award Goes To...

Bethesda’s The Evil Within!

Try it for yourself! The longer you stand outside, the wetter his trench coat gets. Impressive tech!


Dead Man Rising: the resurrection of the survival horror genre

At the far end of a wood-floored corridor a man in a green coat crouches down and crunches on something. His mottled, bald white head should have been the first clue. 966 more words