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Resident Evil: REBirth. Capcom (2002) Gamecube

So, we all know, myself and Craig get all a quiver over Capcom games. We don’t deny it, THEY’RE AWESOME.

But, which Resident Evil is the best?

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From the Vaults: Darkwatch

Man, there are NOT ENOUGH games within the “Weird West” hybrid genre. With potential for a Deadlands series, I’m hoping to be proven wrong. In the meantime, I talk about Darkwatch! 822 more words


She Who Fights Monsters

She Who Fights Monsters is a game by Gaming Pixie that uses the conventions of Japanese RPGs and survival horror games to tell a story of abuse. 886 more words

Surviving Horror - Daylight (Unfinished)

Surviving Horror is a periodical series about my favourite video game genre, survival horror. With it, I hope to explore how the genre got its start, how it effectively manages to scare us as players, and how it has evolved in term of mechanics, themes, and storytelling over the years.


The Forest 0.04

The Forest has been updated again, but this time there’s mostly bug fixes and aesthetic updates. Here’s the patch notes:

Version 0.04

Features and changes:

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Game Review: Parasite Eve (PS)

Title: Parasite Eve
Developer: Square USA
Publisher: Squaresoft
System: Playstation
Genre: Role playing survival horror
Release Date: September 9, 1998

Parasite Eve is certainly a fascinating experiment in role playing gaming that tries to combine real time and turn based RPG game play into one playable horror themed experience. 1,269 more words


Impressions -Nick's time with The Evil Within

While attending Quakecon 2014 I was able to get quite a bit of hands-on time with Bethesda’s upcoming survival-horror game “The Evil Within.”  After about a hour with the game I can safely say that this looks to be a return to Shinji Mikami’s roots.