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There's a Light that never goes out

What do you get when you cross Dead Rising 3 and Mirrors Edge? Dying Light is what.

Dying Light is an open world first person horror survival game set in a the aftermath of a viral zombie breakout. 598 more words

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New Silent Hills Trailer is Nightmare Fuel

The collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro terrified me when I played P.T. for PS4, and although it’s in no way linked to their upcoming… 233 more words

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Silent Hills (P.T.) Gets a New Trailer, Could Have Episodic Release

It appears that Silent Hills, the next installment in the Silent Hill series, could be released episodically.

During the Konami conference at the Tokyo Game Show, Hideo Kojima said that Kojima Productions is currently studying how television season were released, and how that might work in a gaming format.

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Just another Routine mission... right?

An abandoned base in space. You see overturned and damaged equipment around you. The lights flicker continuously. You notice the silence around you and it becomes deafening. 320 more words

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Survival Horror Primer: The Evil Within

I find that learning too much about a really great survival horror title can ruin it.  If you know too much of the plot, you might be able to speculate and ruin twists with restless anticipation.   184 more words

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About STEAM W.I.P. and the new demo

Since last week we released a new DEMO, v. 0.5.4.
Just because we fixed and improved a lot of things, we have thought it would be a good idea to make a new demo from the current alpha we are working on. 268 more words