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Alien: Isolation Review

After the disappointment and utter-failure that is Aliens: Colonial Marines, Creative Assembly developed a game that went back to the sheer terror and despair that was present in the first Alien movie. 723 more words

Remastering a REmasterpiece

I know what your thinking, is Resident Evil a masterpiece? Well if we are talking about the original Playstation game from 1996, then no not really. 739 more words


Dying Light, living anticipation!

So my attention has been drawn away from Fifa (for a little while) with this game which I have heard a lot about, so I decided to investigate some of Dying Light’s Gameplay on YouTube watching a popular YouTuber you may have heard of called… 631 more words

Survival Horror

Good Night, Good Luck. Dying Light is out now!

The most anticipated zombie game of the year is now out! Dying Light is a first person zombie horror game that takes place in a overrun city that has been blocked off from the outside world. 32 more words

Just Fucking Awesome

Resident Evil HD

The one time I really, really want to download a game and Xbox Live disappoints by coughing and spluttering before dying (and it wasn’t, for once, the fault of EE). 711 more words

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