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Survival Horrigins Part 2: Birth of a Genre

1996, Clinton is still in office, the economy is going strong and the Spice Girls release their first single. Things are looking good everywhere and the world of video games is no different. 391 more words


The Terror Continues: Red Barrels Confirms Outlast 2!

Outlast and its Whistleblower DLC scared the pants off of us when it released for PC and PS4, and we had a blast streaming it after its… 375 more words

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Alien: Isolation Review

The dreaded Alien returns, finally, to do what it does best: scare the living hell out of you. In this latest installment of the Alien series, Sega and The Creative Assembly bring you a survival horror experience like no other. 764 more words


Alien: Isolation is a terrifying test of nerves

There’s no fighting in Alien: Isolation. You survive by steeling yourself against the silence of the ship, against the unnerving sounds of its vents and computers, and against the terrifying knowledge that you’re being hunted by a nightmare in the walls. 65 more words

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Grab your night vision cameras!! Outlast 2 confirmed

Red Barrels has confirmed that they are working on a sequel to the 2013 first person survival horror game Outlast. Not much information has been given about the sequel, but what we’ve been told is that it will take place in a different location and feature new characters. 36 more words

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Horror Video Games Part 4: Clock Tower

I remember seeing an article in a gaming magazine about Clock Tower for the PlayStation when it first came out. Just the words “clock tower” was enough to pique my interest but the pictures pinned the game into my mind. 1,008 more words