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Zombi U is a genuinely fun survival game ruined by a horrendously designed final act.

When the time came to man up and finally buy the Wii U I didn’t exactly do it with trepidation. Mario Kart 8 earlier that year had assuaged my fears some and the promise of… 1,025 more words

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PSTS Let's Play Resident Evil 5: Episode 18 - Albert Whisker

“Oh yeah, I guess we did shoot a laser onto the tanker.” This sentence and more will make sense shortly after Jeff and J.D. finish this endless, difficult boss fight. 24 more words

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Resident Evil 6 (PS3)

With the past installments, the Resident Evil franchise has abandoned its survival horror claustrophobia for action gameplay akin to Gears of War and Dead Space. Those still pining for the days of tank controls and very limited inventory space will have to find solace in the PSOne games of the series. 618 more words


State of Decay Remaster Confirmed for Spring 2015 on Xbox One and PC

The 2013 Xbox 360 exclusive State of Decay is the latest last-gen game confirmed to be receiving the remastered treatment.

Scheduled to release for the… 238 more words

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Review: The Walking Dead Game Season 2

TellTale games brings us back to the video game incarnation of The Walking Dead, this time centering the story squarely on the poor shoulders of Clementine, who (shocking spoilers ahead) survived the events of the last game. 1,144 more words

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PSTS Let's Play Resident Evil 5: Episode 17 - We Kill Weird People!

Just how big is this tanker? Big enough to house an enormous machine guy guy, have a really long elevator, and then, well, successfully stay afloat when an enormous tentacle thing is on it. 22 more words

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Complete Achievement/Trophy List for The Evil Within

As I general rule, I check out every game from Bethesda….however games with brains wrapped in  barbed wire aren’t completely my thing so unless reviews compel me to, I’m going to focus on the eight thousand other games releasing in October.  502 more words

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