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Techo-wars: Those Who Adapt, Survives!

In the emergence of the rising technology, people tend to find ways in catching up with the trends, they ensure to have access on the innovative technology that is available for them not to be left behind. 605 more words

Competitive Advantage

I am a survivor....

Survival of the Fittest. Done.

It was a great event, well organised and well worth doing. Would you like a list of highlights?

  • Monkey bars are not my strong point – but I did manage the first lot without falling off.
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I'm back!

It has been 102 days since my last blog; that was to celebrate the completion of Juneathon.

It is another running event that has forced me back in the blogosphere. 89 more words



june 25

ok yesterday i finally did my thang of recording a speech file while driving.

it was the greatest thing ever! the most exciting thing i have done since returning from my exciting adventure. 958 more words

Survival of the Fittest?

According to Darwin, only the fittest DNA will outperform all other DNA and that fit DNA will just get better and better over a long long time so that it can become top of the food chain. 1,094 more words


[Wyse Wednesdays] Jay Wyse x Survival Of The Fittest [ft. Nard]

It’s that time of the week again! Jay Wyse releases his tenth installment of his #WyseWednesdays series, this time rewinding us back to the decade where rap was golden with his unique version of Mobb Deep’s Survival of the Fittest. Enjoy!


And then, I fell in love with insects.

I was walking back home the other day and I almost stepped on these insects. I sat there for about an hour after that and looked at the beautiful big green one fight off the ants trying to eat it up. 463 more words