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Survival Of The Fittest

The first instinct is survival. You have to keep going, even if you don’t know where it is you’re headed. When caterpillars make a home for themselves and lay in it, they have no idea what will happen when they get out. 163 more words

Being Broke & Drinking Coffee

Since the last time I wrote you (whoever is out there and listening in this vast blog-o-sphere) a lot has happened.  I have become a business guru…ok not really a guru but seriously, I have been studying up on the whole business aspect.   619 more words

The New Natural Selection

Ever have that one friend who seems like he was born a few centuries too late? The guy with 20/20 vision who is abnormally strong and incredibly fast? 524 more words

The Best Survivalist Movies of All Time

I have watched a lot of movies from different genres but the ones dealing with survival are my favorites. There is a sense of purpose in showing these movies and that is to let the viewers know what to do in case the same thing happens to them. 450 more words


Survival of the Fittest

“Does it great to be on top,
when you stand proud losing your green leaves?

Does it great to be on top,
even though it makes you lonely?” 15 more words


Street Life (inspired by the music of Joe Sample)

Street Life by Anthony Arnold

Street Life

Another Day in the life

Survival Of the fittest

We Do what we can

Just To live another day… 145 more words

Poetry Written By Anthony Arnold

Just because we are natural born killers does not mean we are not good people

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Good morning:

The significance of the recent scientific study published in Nature, which found that chimpanzees are natural-born killers, is that killing has a genetic basis. 375 more words

Golden Rule