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The Wise

Title: The Wise
Author: 1Yodimus_Prime
Timeframe: An undisclosed point in time between Darth Bane’s death and TPM. Somewhat closer to TPM, relatively speaking.
Characters: OCs: The Lord Darth Averus, a young boy of twelve, and someone else.. 36,651 more words

Why Hazing Still Exists

By Janina Lim|

Hazing is defined in various ways. Some find it inappropriate and barbaric. Some deem such practice as the best rites for initiation. 961 more words



“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin.


Mendocino Filter

“Highway 128 is our filter” – Anderson Valley, Mendocino County

Gummy Bears: Critically Endangered in the Wild

When was the last time you saw a gummy bear in the wild?  It probably looked bedraggled, dirty, and worn.  Like it had been kicked through the mud, left out in the sun without water, or flattened by depression. 201 more words


"A Troublesome Inheritance" - III -- the first two chapters

Most scientific types I’ve known aren’t terribly interested in history (even of their own fields). The first two chapters of Wade’s book (to p. 38) are mostly about the history of the concept of race, and worth reading. 337 more words

Social Issues ( Be Civil ! )

Humble Bee

Sitting on a park swing, you are sometimes reminded that struggles are a part of the plan.

If nature was not indifferent to the painful demise of this bumble bee, it would not make a difference to the ant colony below it. 32 more words