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I Didn't Know Midlife Crises Were Necessary...

When you’re three, the only things that matter are sleep and play. When you’re six, your priorities now include doing well in school because mum said you’ll get a new Barbie doll or the latest Action Man action figure if you do. 812 more words

You want to see me fight for something like my life depended on it?
Try telling me I can’t have it.

Selfishness in Selflessness -The Baker-

Selfishness in Selflessness is a series of essays that talk about being selfish of mankind in selfless acts. This is the first essay in the series. 729 more words

The World

The True Meaning of Black Friday

It comes but once a year. A magical consumer celebration of all things capitalism,  commercialism and darwinism….the beloved American tradition of Black Friday. Fortunately many have come to recognize the wonder of Black Friday cannot be confined to a single day. 676 more words



Hey Heyy Heyyy

So in my house some renovations were going on , so I had to move to my sister’s room . My sister wasn’t home on a particular day . 270 more words

Survival Of The Fittest

Becoming a Substitute

How easily we are all, replaced!!!

Becoming a substitute, knowing, that I can be easily replaced by this world, because there are a TON of others, with the same qualifications as I, but are asking a whole lot less, and so, naturally, the bosses out there would strike me off of their roster, because I cost a lot more than those newly up-for-hire people, and, the bosses will be replacing one of me, with three, four, even five more new workers. 172 more words


Competition vs. Cooperation

Thanks to Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution and science classes around the world, most people think that competition is an inherent trait in species with widespread cooperation taking place.   134 more words

Charles Darwin