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Things That Help You Survive: The Attribute of Giving.

The attribute of giving is important for society and for our own emotional and spiritual development. In the days of our ancestors, ethnic groups or clans of people roamed the earth to search for food and shelter. 440 more words


Revisiting Your Resolution

With the (short) extra time off this week due to snow, I’ve used some of the time to reflect upon the month that was January 2015.   521 more words


Avoiding Surprises In A Crowd Without Looking Over Your Shoulder

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

Here is a situational awareness tip for while in a crowd (or anywhere) and how to avoid looking over your shoulder while still accomplishing the same thing – seeing what would be behind you or out of your field of vision — and avoiding any ‘surprises’. 100 more words


5 Things You Need to Go Off Grid Now – Pt. 5

By Pat Henry - The Prepper Journal

Welcome back to the last installment of our series on the 5 things you need to go off grid where we are discussing preparations you can make right now that could possibly save your life if you find yourself without the conveniences of the grid. 1,032 more words


How To Build a Fire in a Winter Survival Situation


By Daniel Barker – Natural News


(NaturalNews) Unless you live in the tropics, with no likelihood of ever needing a fire to keep you alive in a winter survival situation, you should learn the basics of building one.And if you require an illustration of just how crucial fire-building skills can be in a sub-zero environment, read Jack London’s masterful short story To Build a Fire. 634 more words


5 Things You Need to Go Off Grid Now – Pt. 4

By Pat Henry –  The Prepper Journal

Welcome back to this series on the 5 things you need to go off grid now, where I have been discussing the scenario of a collapse or long-term disruption of “the grid”. 1,344 more words


SSID #7: I Take One-Bucket Baths.

One bucket full of hot water. One washcloth. One bar of soap. One bottle of shampoo. One cup. Glasses off to the side to wash. 389 more words

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