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Back-2-School Survival Kit

Bear Grylls recommends keeping a knife, an emergency whistle, waterproof matches and a few other basic survival kit items with you at all times to help you successfully navigate your way through the wilderness. 464 more words

Back To School

Survival Landscaping Part 2: Barbed Wire

By Bev Sandlin, Fillmore County Master Gardener

Whether you are bugging in or bugging out to a retreat location, barbed wire may be your most inexpensive perimeter barrier and warning system of an impending breach if you attach simple bells to the wire. 565 more words


Prepping Scenarios, And Reasons Why Preppers Prep

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

Why do I prep? It’s simple really; for me, it’s just logical, and makes good common sense. Being prepared. 249 more words


The No. 1 Reason Many Preppers Are Doomed


By Nicholas O. - Off The Grid News

Several million people America are preparing for the worst. Whether it’s for a terrorist attack, economic crash, natural disaster or something else, people stock up on supplies, food and weapons for the worst to come. 327 more words


Boiled potatoes in it today. Great to not have that heat in the kitchen BUT we do not have native hardwoods here. AZ Cypress is the hardest evergreen we have and while it’s okay for the fireplace insert, using it for cooking you realize how soft the wood is. 179 more words


Survival Skills: How to Find Water In the Wild

Source: Ready Nutrition, by Tess Pennington

Our life depends on having clean water to drink. Knowing ways to find water in the wild will especially be helpful if you are in a bug out situation, or if you happen to lose your way in the woods. 164 more words


Ivy Unrooted: Surviving NATAS this Weekend

Let’s face it, we love good deals. And many times a year, we find ourselves flocking to expos all over the island looking for the best “lobangs” (deals) to make our monies worth. 653 more words