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5 Clever Tips For Building A Good Cellar

By Carmela Tyrell – SurvivoPedia

When it comes to preparing for a major disaster or just surviving nowadays crisis, storing food, weapons, medicine, and other goods will be difficult in both urban in rural settings. 163 more words


Survival Gardening — The Native-American Way

By Susan Patterson - Off The Grid News

They survived without the modern tools we have today, on only the land, instinct and the knowledge that their ancestors passed down to them. 196 more words


Combat Sport vs. Real Violence

One of my favorite websites and podcasts is The Art of Manliness. Brett McKay is the founder of the site and host of the podcast. 174 more words

Teach The Willing

La Flamme

It’s 5:09 AM and I am tired.

I had a full workday and it was pretty great, all things considered. My mood and attitude were better than they’ve been in months at this particular job. 183 more words

And That’s Why I’m a Prepper

By Pat Henry - The Prepper Journal

I have been a prepper for several years now and have been on both sides of probably every argument out there in some form or another at one point in my life. 1,559 more words


7 Unusual Multi-Purpose Items for Survival

By Theresa CrouseSurvivoPedia

It’s common knowledge that you should stockpile items like water, food and bleach but there are also items that you probably already have in your house that you can use for survival. 68 more words


Building Survival Skills with Children, Part 2: Walk and Role

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a mother of 6, it’s that kids learn best by doing. To really grasp a concept they need to get their hands (and feet, and face, and clothes) dirty. 451 more words