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Barriers To Situational Awareness

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

Situational awareness is basically knowing what is going on around us. This concept includes our immediate surroundings as well as what’s going on beyond our visual perimeter. 175 more words


How To Escape Your Tail And Avoid Being Followed

By Fred Tyrell – SurvivoPedia

The best time to leave for your bug out location is just before a major crisis occurs. All of your carefully made plans and preparations will go to waste if you do not know how to avoid being followed and how to escape any tails that try to follow you. 131 more words


The Resilience Tool Box

If 2013 was the free-wheeling year of Love on a bicycle built for two, 2014 was racking yourself in the cooter, on the crossbar of life, 365 days of the year. 1,455 more words

About the Outdoor Survival Instructors of Ancient Pathways, LLC

Ancient Pathways is a wilderness skills company specializing in desert survival and primitive technology. The focus of all Ancient Pathways courses is to provide hands-on training in practical survival skills and outdoor safety techniques. 51 more words

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Preppers Are the Modern Survivalists

By Pat Henry – The Prepper Journal

Preppers and Survivalists. We throw those terms around to describe two very different groups of people. At first blush, the people who seem to align themselves with the term survivalist are seeking ways of living with virtually no assistance whatsoever. 1,432 more words


Basic Survival Skills That Each Person Must Know

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Whatever the crisis you’re experiencing, survival skills are very essential. It is because these may help you save your life. If you are a type of person who loves outdoor activities, learning some outdoor survival skills will not just offer you an edge, but also this can give you lots of benefits most particularly if you have goals you want to achieve during your trip. 384 more words


Giveaway Contest

Our First Giveaway Contest!

Win a handmade matching grey and black paracord survival bracelet with steel clevis and Ranger pace counting navigation beads shown below! The bracelet is a quick deploy and has 12 feet of paracord. 115 more words