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The Unglamorous Side of Homesteading/Prepping

Homesteading and Prepping is hard work. It is dirty, sweat filled, bruise-causing work. It is also hours of reading material that you have to pick through and decide whether it is relevant, logical, and reasonable. 947 more words

Self Sufficiency

Quick Tip #8

If you are learning how to make snares or already know how, this tip is for you. Add a pack of guitar strings to your Emergency/Bug Out Bag. 137 more words

Bug Out Bag

Spiderwort - Native Florida Wild Flower

Spiderwort is one of Florida’s edible wild flowers. It’s been growing and propagating prolifically in our yard for years. I’ve looked at it, studied it but could never find anyone who could name it let alone discuss it until today. 259 more words


How to Pack your Bug Out Bag

By Pat Henry 

A Bug Out Bag is something that most of us are familiar with even if most of us do not have one loaded by the door or in the trunk of your car, ready to go at all times. 1,138 more words


Physical Prepping Tips: Getting Your Heart Ready for SHTF

By Josh

Your heart is one of the most important organs in your body, continually pumping and keeping the entire system well supplied with oxygenated blood. 1,098 more words


When Water Doesn’t Work: How to Fight a Metal Fire

By Josh

Most people know how to douse your average fire: you chuck water on it until it dies down. However, there are other classes of fire that are not so easily quenched and few are so deadly to people as a metal fire. 1,238 more words


Sew Problematic: Separation from Our Creations

Whenever I hear that someone can’t sew on so much as a button, a small part of me dies inside.

I understand not being able to use a sewing machine, but a button? 978 more words

Societal Observations