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Hydroponics – A Peek Into The Future Of Gardening

By Amy Storey – SurvivoPedia

We all know the possible disasters that could befall the world we live in. Drought, plague, nuclear war, biological warfare, the seven horsemen of the apocalypse…  etc. 121 more words


5 Ways To Beat Old Man Winter And Grow Veggies During Cold Weather

By Susan Patterson - Off The Grid News

The beginning of winter need not be the end of your growing season. People are increasingly turning to homegrown food, and they don’t want to be put off by frost or a few inches of snow. 123 more words


Modern Pioneering: More Than 150 Recipes, Projects, and Skills for a Self-Sufficient Life by Georgia Pellegrini

Modern Pioneering. It almost sounds like an oxymoron. But with the rapidly rising costs of living and the increasing reality of chemically-tainted foods, it seems society is beginning to come full-circle as more and more people wake up to the benefits of a back-to-the-basics lifestyle. 460 more words


Wild Woman

I’m currently working on a book for Hunter Valley Grammar School. The School started in 1990, so I’ve been commissioned to write their 25 year history, in time for the celebrations next year. 3,391 more words

How To Build An Off-Grid Home From Dirt

By  Susan Patterson - Off The Grid News

It is not hard to imagine that the first real homes must have been earthen structures, because earth happens to be the most abundant and handy material available to man. 229 more words


How to Build an Outhouse

By Chris Black – SurvivoPedia

What can be said with certainty about our modern society is that we’re a culture based on waste. We waste everything: food, water, energy; everything goes to waste, including our own time. 174 more words


Back to Basics: Grinding Grains for Flour at Home

By Theresa Crouse – SurvivoPedia

There are many reasons why you may want to grind your own grains at home. Making your own flour is a rewarding experience, and your product will still have all of the nutrients and flavor that commercial milling takes away. 137 more words