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Outside Your Comfort Zone – Overcome The Path Of Least Resistance

By Ken Jorgustin

We as humans will often take the path of least resistance – literally and emotionally.

We will walk the straightest line to where we’re going – we will do ‘it’ the easiest way or the same way we’ve always done it before – and we will typically do the least amount of work possible to achieve a goal or requirement. 163 more words


Hydraulic Ram Pump (The Build)

A hydraulic ram pump uses no electricity. It is powered by flowing water. This make it ideal for off-grid locations.

Be aware however, that a ram pump is VERY non-stealth. 106 more words

DIY/Do It Yourself

Secrets of Stealth Camping

This I have never done. But I have done partial stealth camping.

For one example, as a teenager, some friends and I went camping at the top of a mountain, on private property. 295 more words


What NOT to Wear When Bugging Out After a Disaster!

He rambles a bit, but he is spot on with just about everything he says.

They may ridicule us now, but people in general do know about preppers now, and know that we are likely to have food, weapons, and other things that would be useful. 99 more words