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cast iron cookware update

thanks to a friend and neighbor (thank you Sunday!), plus a fortuitous purchase at the thrift shop, have been able to return to cast iron from that non-stick stuff. 293 more words


What Do You Think?

Many thanks to all of you who have been flocking to this blog in these early days. You are a real inspiration!
As you know, this blog is designed to be the home for an upcoming internet radio program (podcast) called… 195 more words


Journeying Down the River of Brain Development

Water, as a useful metaphor for the journey of life, has been an idea I’ve been attracted to and thinking about since my teenage years. (Which would be about 40 years ago.) From my earliest days of interest in Taoism (more a philosophy than a religion) water obviously played a central role. 1,990 more words

Current Events

Little-Known Uses for Paracord in Outdoor Survival

Paracord, short for parachute cord, can save your life if you need to leave a plane (note: only if there’s a parachute attached to it.) 493 more words

Survival Straps

How To Pack Heat With Absolutely No One Knowing

By Travis P – Off The Gid News

If you ever have carried a handgun bigger than an LCP, you know that concealing is its own challenge. 530 more words


Back-2-School Survival Kit

Bear Grylls recommends keeping a knife, an emergency whistle, waterproof matches and a few other basic survival kit items with you at all times to help you successfully navigate your way through the wilderness. 464 more words

Back To School

Survival Landscaping Part 2: Barbed Wire

By Bev Sandlin, Fillmore County Master Gardener

Whether you are bugging in or bugging out to a retreat location, barbed wire may be your most inexpensive perimeter barrier and warning system of an impending breach if you attach simple bells to the wire. 565 more words