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Clarity in the end............

“There is greater clarity in the still waters of sadness, something not found in the babbling brooks of more sought after emotions.” Shaun Hicks

We run from the darkness. 63 more words



I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE. I never understood people who love to do nothing. I am not talking about homebodies (I am 100% a homebody), I am talking about people who have nothing going on, no school, no job, no dreams, no motivation. 395 more words

Edibility Test

Here is how I was taught how to test plants in Air Cadets. There is a new american test that is very helpful as well, … 158 more words


What if you got sucked into your blog?

Just imagine you are at your laptop, your smartphone or whatever device you use and one of your favorite blogs graces the screen. You are reading, maybe laughing a bit, maybe cringing at the thoughts produced, you are enjoying your time in the blogging world. 507 more words

What If

Start scouting and preparing for bow season now

It’s only a couple days away from August,many state’s archery seasons start in Sept.

Here in Ohio, deer archery season starts on Sept 27th.

You should have had mineral blocks out since at least Memorial day,as they help with antler growth. 887 more words

The Yellow King and I

Content warning: graphic depictions of rape, domestic violence

Shafiq: I am not certain why I wrote this, except that it has been haunting me especially these past few days. 2,996 more words

The Yellow King

Happy Go lucky Girl ...... Surviving this and that

Sometimes you wonder how do we cope, when it feels like your luck is out.
I suppose I can only speak for myself and the gang I live with…. 412 more words