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Alone in sleep

It has three heads.  The heads are Death, the Devil and Fear.  I know somehow they are one because of me.  It has bat-like wings, seemingly out of some awareness of convention, since it drifts motionless toward me like some Hindenburg of terror.   367 more words

Who is reading Once Upon a Dirtball?

Hi Reader,

My new novel, Once Upon a Dirtball, is selling fairly well for a debut novel. Who is reading it? Actually, I am not quite sure, but Amazon is reporting double digit numbers in the U.S. 156 more words


Continuing with our Sci-fi shorts showcase here is A7-058. A  short  produced, written, and shot by Brian Tooker. Directed by Joshua DuMond, this experimental film plays around with a staple of the space Sci-Fi world, the sub genre of an individual awakening from cryo sleep to find themselves alone and drifting in the vastness of space.  56 more words


What else would make this situation worse?


A Candid View of Poker- The Dark Side of Felt by Tyler Nals

The blurb reads,

You know those guys who play poker for millions of dollars on television? I’m not one of those guys. Instead, I risked my life on a nightly basis playing in underground poker games on Long Island and in Charlotte. 421 more words

Indie Authors

Mechanical Failure, Chap. 5f (zombie apocalypse novel in progress)


There were jumper cables in the trunk of the car I was using, and I found keys to the RV, though I had to fight the owner for them. 319 more words

Zombie Apocalypse

The Chronicles of Pick

¶The following manuscript was found inside an old barnacle encrusted glass fishing ball somewhere out along the Pacific Coast of America, perhaps along the rocky coast of the fabled Ecotopia of the Pacific Northwest. 2,056 more words

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