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Death Doesn't Become Me...Yet

So, my kiddo asked me the other day,”Gosh, mom, how many times have you nearly died but didn’t?” It’s a legit question and one I hadn’t given much thought to, but she makes a valid inquiry. 814 more words

Rethinking CHRIST at EASTER

May this Easter be a time of miracles and new beginnings.


(trigger warning for sexual assault content)

She refuses
to remember
the way the two of them made her
her legs-
the living room floor- 42 more words


Don't worry, be . . . prepared!

With all of the earthquakes (Per the USGS, over the last 30 days there have been 605 earthquakes of magnitude 4.5 or greater; 3 were in the U.S.) storms, and flooding that have occurred recently, many people are asking if this is a sign of worsening conditions, whether natural or man-made.  268 more words

Emergency Preparedness

Spring Forward: The Confidence to Keep Moving

Dear Ladies,

This month is dedicated to confidence. When LQC asked me what should be the theme, I knew without a doubt that it should be confidence-gaining it and having it. 818 more words

Soulful Sunday

Thrive . . . the movie

Don’t miss it . . . and after you watch it do all you can do.


Went for a drive

Last night we visited our local seaside resort (town).
It’s only 30 miles away but we’ve never been there at night.
A fun trip we thought. 516 more words