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Insecurity and Me

Recently a good friend mentioned that I am actually not as strong as I appear to be, but that I feel a great need to be strong because I am insecure in the need that matters to me most ie being cared for. 400 more words

Romantic Love

'P.T': Hideo Kojima's Gaming Experiment and the Ongoing Saga of Women in Horror

About a week ago, a mysterious new title known only as P.T. (for ‘playable teaser’) appeared on the PlayStation Store, from the unknown studio, 7780s. It was billed as the ‘first interactive teaser’ and had its own teaser, a short, 50-second video, that was dark, foreboding, and showcased the terrified reactions of testers to the game’s ‘jump scares’ (you don’t know it’s good until you’ve seen a youtube reaction video of it, right?). 2,011 more words


To Tell The Truth

Bogus claims about new I Ching sciences remind me of the long-running TV game show, “To Tell the Truth.” In this format, three challengers are introduced to a celebrity panel, each claiming to be the featured guest. 950 more words


Handling Anger

Joe and I finally managed to sit down and have a useful conversation about how we felt about Julie’s continuing self harm. It’s difficult to find time for this sort of complicated and subtle conversation when you are both busy working, and also trying to manage the practical problems of having to care for a member of the family with such a serious mental illness. 517 more words

Mental Illness

5 transition tips from summertime to school days--for your sanity's sake

It’s countdown in the GreenHouse until school begins. Two days!

Through the years I’ve developed a few strategies for the last stretch. These hints just might help you hold on to the little bit of sanity remaining as you trudge for the finish line. 466 more words

Parenting / Family

Survival, change and great things...

As a teacher, you will face challenges daily…that is a given. Right now, education is going through many changes in general with the change to new standards, increased accountability, new teacher evaluation protocols and procedures.   530 more words



As I sit on my living room sofa with no beverage to nourish my tea deprived mouth, Emma Stone is running away from a herd of bloodthirsty zombies that I assume are only naturally desiring to nourish themselves on my TV screen. 1,060 more words