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my deepest fear

sometimes i wonder what my life wouldve been had i not been given all that i have now. how would have i spent all the time in school had devika not been there. 124 more words


where is the education in schools?..

This time of the year, every year, the race begins, the race for the parents to various schools, their neighbours, internet and whatever sources available to search for the best schools and apply for NURSERY admissions for them..and more often than not, the school which emerges the best is the school which they considered best before the rush began..as everybody is on the same boat and asking others for directions… 430 more words


Basking in what they only could carry
But it all came to what can you eat
And what can you bury


Lean On Me

It’s a story of family. Brothers and sisters building families together. Growing as best friends from childhood into their retired years and beyond. A bond that cannot be broken by circumstance. 34 more words


2 Kids? Holy Sh!t Show

I, like most everyone who has 2 kids under the age of 2, am in some form of living hell. Maybe what I would even consider to be hell on earth. 954 more words

Rants & Raves

A few words on the reasons we all need to do more PT

I just returned last evening from a 5 day camping trip. This was not at a campground,it was just on a piece of property on which I am given written permission to hunt,fish,camp,and target shoot on. 905 more words


Buffalo Mountain, Johnson City, Tennessee.

Buffalo Mountain is one of those beautiful oddities. Right in the middle of 3 cities, stands this tall gorgeous mountain of forest and wildlife. Surrounding it, lies buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, and industry. 643 more words