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Top Four Basic Surival Supplies

Food and water are the top two priorities when it comes to survival, but even the best pre-packaged supplies will not last forever.  While you can trade food and water for other supplies, they do not protect you from harm and they will not help you in any way beyond nutrition. 311 more words


Machine Wars by Michael Pryor

Machine Wars by Michael Pryor. Pub. Random House, 2014.

An excellent easy to read futuristic fantasy for intermediate and junior high school students from a writer that I have just caught up with. 246 more words

Senior Fiction

AR 15 Bullshit Rifle for War

The AR-15 is a good weapon but it’s not great in real life situations. It looks nice and is very accurate, but it’s heavy and easily effected by weather and other environmental conditions. 207 more words

Close Quarter Carbines

Close quarter carbines use lethal rounds that are designed to kill within close quarter situations. This includes 9mm, 45acp and many other pistol rounds that an be fired at high capacity rates without becoming overly heated which can result in firearm failure. 143 more words

Staying Alive and Ready During A Survival Crisis

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest.  You should live the way you want, work at something you enjoy doing, reside where you want and get as much satisfaction from life as possible.  324 more words



Last night, it snowed.
The 15th of April.
When the restaurant patrons
noticed the rain,
falling all day,
had turned from water
to white,
we volleyed off shouts, 113 more words

Julie Ayers