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The Best Pellets for Hunting, a Balancing Act

It seems that the question of which pellets to use for hunting comes up more often than any other.   So I will give my views on this topic here. 629 more words


The Failure of Those First Few Weeks

I had felt like I was over the first few weeks of Elvis’ life. The few weeks where I hated everything. where I was desperate for some sleep, where I actually kind of wanted to send my son back or have him returned to me as a toddler. 1,282 more words

The Other Side

My Undercover Story

I love watching Undercover Boss!
I’m a sucker for feel good stories.
Generosity does turn lives around.
I am amazed at how big hearts of kindness are! 415 more words

I was Here

I feel so sad and empty,

Waking up is like going to sleep.

My dream life is my waking story,

A convoluted mess bent upon my destruction… 75 more words


ABS Worked

Driving round in twilight (almost dark) on a wet, muddy, narrow country road I rounded a blind corner to be confronted by a 4X4 with no lights on. 374 more words


Edisi Pemenuhan Janji #2 #Diklatpertama

Diklat pertama itu..
Maret tahun lalu. Aku lupa tepatnya kapan sih. Tapi aku inget kalo bulan Maret. Mari kita throwback ke Diklat Pertamaku!
Waktu dulu pertama kali Diklat, aku belum resmi jadi anak Pecinta Alam. 1,707 more words


Going in for the FIRST KISS.

The First Kiss

By Savage.

Most people think that getting a first kiss from a girl is as simple as setting the mood from when you are in the right place to kiss her. 1,199 more words