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The Dream

Into the night, set upon the dreams of yesterday, my eyes see your face.
Not in this ageing place we sit, but the fire of our youth in our blood. 226 more words


The Cephalopod Coffeehouse: July 2014 Blog List

Welcome to Life of a Writer.

Have you ever met someone who barely sits still long enough for a coffee and chat? Well, that’s me. As a result I seldom have time for recreational reading. 538 more words


Our future

is written
in dirt. It is written in
blood, in salt
water and snow and the audacity
of plants that live through
a drought by stretching… 12 more words


Empathy – The Birth of a Blogger

When I arrived in my alternate universe, my first thought was not to start writing a blog. Early on in my adventures, all my thoughts and energy went into SURVIVAL. 1,265 more words


You Might (Also) Be An Autist If...

So people occasionally ask me how I as an Aspie (Person with Asperger’s Autism) think differently from the norm. Well, this is really very superficial but… 642 more words

Random Thoughts

Deer Hunting for Beginners

Those of you new to hunting are going to find out that it’s not like the tee vee shows.

You have to put a lot of effort into it. 1,017 more words


I really need to find a way to move to a more convenient location

I really need to move to a new more convenient location. I do not do well being cut off in the suburbs with complicated bus routes to go places. 392 more words