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Let It Flow

Written by Hasty Words and Jstewart413

To lay down
Your defenses
Isn’t always
To free yourself
Doesn’t always
Peace of mind
Giving away… 67 more words


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One reason I would never quit blogging is because of the great people I meet and the fun things we create!

Surviving Bootcamp

I’m now coding 8-9 hours a day at FullStack and at home.  That’s on top of 2 hours of commuting (when I’m also reading coding blogs…). 304 more words

Poem of the sunshine heart

I was doing something else on the laptop when some words started linking together in my head, so I opened up a blank page and this is what happened… :-) 291 more words


Victor or Victim

A victim continues to look at what was lost,
a victor looks at what was kept. 

Living Simply

Untangling the Knots of Addiction - Two Steps Forward, One Back

You’d think once someone decided, “I’m done with addiction! I’m turning my life around,” it would be all uphill from there. Because that’s the biggie. All of us mothers and lovers of addicts are waiting for that golden moment, when the sun breaks through the darkness, scatters the clouds, and shines down upon us. 490 more words


Good Morning! The middle of the week. Some of you are at the Church of God General Assembly getting FIRED UP and FILLED UP and some are in the middle of their vacations, some are in the middle of a work week and some are getting ready for back to school, which seems so unreal! 71 more words

Announcing Simple Solutions

Over time I learned a few things to help cope with life’s little aggravations.

And since I love you all, I plan to share some of my “aHa!” discoveries. 267 more words