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Man and Nature

In ancient Europe, the relationship between man and nature was very different from what we see today. Nature was sacred, and a manifestation of deities. … 83 more words


The Drought - The Resurrection Of A Playlist

It’s been awhile since we played The Drought, but I feel I should debrief you all anyway and see how we can make it even better. 250 more words


"Zombie-Proof" Cabin comes with a 10-year Anti-Zombie Guarantee

From our friends at C-NET:

You hear the horrifying groans. Decaying hands scrabble at the door, trying to find a way in. They want to eat you. 333 more words



We are dying as we speak, 50 to 70 billion cells in our bodies continuously dying per minute. 111 more words


Flight 232: A Story of Disaster and Survival

Twenty-five years after the catastrophe, a dramatic and extraordinarily rare 360-degree view of the crash of a fully loaded jumbo jet.

Authored by Lawrence Gonazles, the story begins with a number of simple stories of passengers who traveled on flight 232 that fateful day in July 19, 1989. 2,244 more words

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Trucker's Viral Dashcam Video Of Horrific Crash On The E40 In Belgium

Car vs Truck Crash E40 Aalter In Belgium

Published on Oct 14, 2014

” 13-8-2014, E40 Gent (Ghent) – Brugge(Bruges), exit Aalter. Driver was sent to hospital in critical condition (2 broken cervical vertabraes (neck).

93 more words

Our Prep Journey

I really did NOT think that finding the right piece of land would be this difficult!

There are three counties close to us, and obviously that’s going to increase the price—I understand that, and while I continue to check, we’re seriously looking a bit farther away. 410 more words

Robin Tidwell