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Speaking Openly About Mental Health Isn’t Brave, It's Responsible - By Mark Freeman

Speaking openly about mental health isn’t brave.

It’s normal. It’s healthy. It’s responsible.

Talking about stuff in your brain is no different than talking about stuff going on with any other body part. 780 more words

Mental Health

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Mark Freeman talks about the issue of mental health which many are afraid to discuss. I find it liberating to share if only through the writen word. Gradually, I'm telling my story to a few trusted individuals. Each time a weight is lifted from my shoulders. The more we talk the more attention we bring to mental health the healthier we will all be.

I Was Only 17!

I was only 17 – he was 24  and we met at the local roller rink. I was so flattered that this older good-looking guy was interested in me.  294 more words


Homeless for More Than 20 Years, Part 1

By Antonio Gonzales

Walking down the busy New York City streets, you are bound to pass at least three homeless people in one block. And with the homeless situation on a severe rise, this is for sure the case in many big cities. 503 more words


Born to death- it gets better.

I was born dead. It would be 18 years before I would die again. That time from an inherited illness I never knew I had.  In the middle I died a little more each day. 547 more words


Meet our Financial & Systems Director, Bob Josephson

Bob Josephson is the Financial and Systems Director for Komen Southwest Florida, or as we call him, “the money man”. Born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Bob later moved to Washington where he worked as an account manager for Freddie Mac, a secondary mortgage market company. 102 more words

Survivor Stories

Snakes & Ladders - By Ian Fullbrook

Dealing with a mental illness is like climbing the rungs of a ladder. You look up at the ladder, thinking there’s no end to it. In the early stages of diagnosis, you are in despair and think how difficult it is to get on that first rung of recovery. 589 more words

Getting Help

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Ian Fullbrook paints an accurate and vivid description of what it's like to live with and work through mental illness. I was especially struck by her comment about having to convince people you are in fact suffering from mental illness. Ronnie Schwartz's art is beautiful and shows not only how uneven the path to recovery is, but it also shows the many steps we must take to reach the other side. Readers, I hope this gives you hope.

How to Help the Homeless to Help Others

By Antonio Gonzales

As a child, I would complain about being poor. On hearing me, my mother would always say, “When you think your life is hard, someone else has it harder!” Over the many years, there are times I may have forgotten. 450 more words