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Surviving Being Molested (part 3)

By Antonio Gonzales

As a child, I would complain about being poor. On hearing me, my mother would always say, “When you think your life is hard, someone else has it harder!” Over the many years, there are times I may have forgotten. 450 more words


A Call for Submissions for TO HONOR THE HEART

On November 11, 2014, I posted this blog post on my author blog to invite women writers who are survivors of rape and sexual molestation to come forward and share their story. 381 more words


Sexual Abuse Prevention…The Dreaded Question

By Jennifer Hillman

Now that we have addressed the subject of denial, we can move to the backside of your folder. If you remember, I asked you to write the word ‘paranoid’ on the back of your folder and cross it out. 694 more words


Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Amputates Leg

KATY, Texas (AP) — A Houston-area woman injured in the deadly Boston Marathon bombing was recovering Tuesday after surgery to amputate part of her left leg. 261 more words


Surviving Being Molested (part 2)

By Antonio Gonzales

Continuing from my last article, I must share an experience that helped me heal rapidly.  A few years ago, I was hosting a workshop for fellow abuse survivors who were also mothers, at an out-patient clinic in New York.   537 more words


Krysta's Story

I had never heard of a brain injury until it happened and I had one. It’s one of the split second things I guess.  On August 31st, 2013, my life changed forever. 368 more words

Survivor Stories

Boston Marathon Bombings Survivor Jeff Bauman Gets Married

CHELMSFORD (CBS) — Boston Marathon bombings survivor Jeff Bauman and fiancée Erin Hurley were married Saturday.

His agent said it was an “intimate ceremony at their home surrounded by family and friends.” 106 more words