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Style in miniature: 1962 Moretti 750 Coupé

This little coupé based on the Fiat 600 chassis is one of the last special cars made by Moretti using the chassis of the famous economy car made by Fiat. 137 more words

For Sale


Dear Mum,

I’ve wanted to say these things to you for many years. But we now no longer speak.
It would be a lie to say that we were ever close anyway. 441 more words


Throwback Thursday with Warrior is Brain Fart Friday This Week :)

I have lost it or something is up with computer. Trying to paste two videos has taken over an hour and still not working. I hate to work on my husbands Windows machine but you are worth it. 47 more words


My Life is Based On A True Story....

Based on all that has happened in my life, I could be that person that wallows in misery and self pity. I refuse to do so. 823 more words


Saving Young Lives

She asked me to sit down.  I could tell something was not right by the sympathy exuding from her eyes.  “We received your CT Scans…you have a tumor in your right lung, and it appears to be cancer.” 963 more words

Lung Cancer

Surviving Bipolar


There are stories shared, and wonderful advice for everyone who either has Bipolar Disorder or a loved one who needs help dealing. DO READ!


Pre-gym insight

A snippet of a post before the gym:

I was feeling rather anxious last night following posting my previous post ‘catnip for teenagers?’. I don’t think I had realised how terrified I was that people would think me of me as a predator if I was open about my attraction to a 20 year old. 82 more words