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New questions about clinic where Joan Rivers stopped breathingĀ 

Last night on AC360, Susan Candiotti broke news about the death of Joan Rivers. Sources tell CNN that a staff member at the clinic told investigators that a doctor treating Rivers took a ‘selfie’ in the procedure room while the comedienne was under anesthesia. 34 more words


Shocking allegations in Joan Rivers death investigation

It started as a routine medical procedure, but days later the country was mourning the death of Joan Rivers. Susan Candiotti reports on what was allegedly happening insideĀ the out-patient clinic when Rivers was getting what should have been a routine procedure. 49 more words


Was there a struggle between Michael Brown and Officer Wilson?

A private autopsy found that Michael Brown was shot at least six times. But so far, there is little verifiable information on what happened in the moments before Officer Wilson opened fire. 76 more words