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Something Strange and Deadly By Susan Dennard

Philadelphia 1876. The Dead are rising. A zombie delivers a letter to Eleanor Fitt. Whoever controls the Dead Army has her brother. She avoids her mother’s choice of husband for the lab of Spirit Hunters, including the maddeningly stubborn yet handsome Daniel. 417 more words

The Importance of Routine

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I did a lot of reading on writing habits and writing productivity. Two-and-a-half years ago I posted about how I was noticing the benefits of a daily writing habit and yet I still haven’t really made daily writing a long-term thing. 976 more words

strange and ever after - review post

I finished the Something Strange and Deadly trilogy in fifteen days! I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty impressed with myself. If I can keep up this pace, I might  671 more words

Something Strange And Deadly (trilogy)

strange and ever after - prediction post

We’re on to the last book of the Something Strange and Deadly trilogy! I feel like I just started this series ten days ago. Time flies when you’re having fun, which I am! 378 more words

Something Strange And Deadly (trilogy)

a darkness strange and lovely - review post

Again, I blew through this book – I think I started it last Friday and I finished it on Wednesday. Normally, it takes a week or so for me to finish a book, but I’ve been getting through these in a few days. 542 more words

Something Strange And Deadly (trilogy)

a darkness strange and lovely - prediction post

This is book #2 of the Something Strange and Deadly trilogy. I will try to keep my predictions spoiler-free, so … away we go!

First off, the cover: 331 more words

Something Strange And Deadly (trilogy)

something strange and deadly - review post

So I blew through Something Strange and Deadly – it was a lot better than I was expecting! I should probably learn a lesson from this – the last book I tried the “ten predictions” thing about was  767 more words

Something Strange And Deadly (trilogy)