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Of Trees and Technology (Updated)

I don’t take myself that seriously, so if you are amused, I’ll laugh along with you.

So, for example, as a pretty serious woodsman with hand tools, you should not be surprised if I tell you that trees talk to me. 973 more words


NoHassle For Iphone Case High Quality Suse Linux Novell

It produces better on-the-job efficiency. novell certified professionals are more efficient and efficient at the office.

If you want a secure operating system you might consider… 352 more words

Sending syslog messages from a Linux box to SIEM

Let’s imagine that we need to direct log messages from our Linux box to SIEM solution. For centralized management/backup or correlation purposes. How do we do that? 288 more words


Kernel Tinkering, SuSE, and SteamOS

This is what I like about studying for certifications. They force you to look into subjects at a deeper level than you may otherwise have done. 203 more words


Is it really such a terrible idea to have original pine floorboards in a bathroom?

we have just pulled up some awful old carpet in our bathroom and found that, underneath a layer of particle board, there are lovely old (original?) pitch pine floorboards in lovely condition – I’m so tempted to sand and varnish them instead of laying new flooring (I know tiles would be better etc but our house is a 200 year old cottage so a distressed/vintage floorboard look is what we are really keen on). 82 more words

Amazon cloud adds support for SUSE's latest operating system, now featuring Docker

Amazon Web Services has just introduced support for operating system provider SUSE’s new Linux Enterprise Server 12 OS, which packs a technical preview of Docker’s trendy open-source container technology. 195 more words


One month recap

It has now been two weeks since I switched to Ubuntu. The recap so far has been the initial installation was very simple. I have since switched from Chromium to Firefox, since Chromium has DRM and I had to install extra plugins just to get normal functionality. 251 more words