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Sushi Showdown

Edo-Kami platter, Supestore- Salmon rolls, Safeway- Dynamite rolls

It’s late Sunday afternoon and my sister and I are craving sushi. We don’t want to wait around in a restaurant, so we decide to grab an already made bento. 234 more words


5 behaviors where every local will realize: Yes, that's another tourist in Japan!

Hola , Hola.

Let me start this blog telling you that Japan is probably my favorite country (of course after Ecuador) in the whole entire world. 971 more words


10 Things About Sushi

At our 2014 Science of Sushi event, Dr. Ole Mouritsen and Chef Morihiro Onodera illuminated the science underlying some of our favorite components of sushi. In case you still haven’t had your fill, here are 10 scientific facts related to sushi: 35 more words


Tomo 7 of Chino Hills


4200 Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino Hills, CA 91709

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Sushi, Japanese

The Real Take

Tomo 7 is a small local sushi restaurant in the middle of Chino Hills. 123 more words

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Zushi or Sushi?


Since I have been posting about Japanese food, I may as well post another one in Hong Kong Times Square called Zushi ANA 鮨穴.  Hummm… should it be Sushi and not Zushi?   81 more words

Eating Around

What Did I Do When A Strange Man Touched My Son?

It is school holidays in three of the eight states and territories in Australia with the other five starting their two week Spring break next Monday. 746 more words

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