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Susie's massive book haul Spring 2014

Big pauses in my blogging life are way too easy to come these days and I apologize for that. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I feel intimidated by all the other book bloggers and my inability to review something. 202 more words


April 05: Spring Surprises (Pt. 2)

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Blind Date

That night, Rachel helped her little sister get ready. As the day had progressed, Ruby actually did get excited for her “blind date”. 1,471 more words


The Queen and the Grape Part III - Who can you trust?

“The Queen and the Grape” is skipping “Part II” for today and we will be posting, “Part III” first.  This post is aptly called, “Who can you trust?”   Mark (brother) graciously offered to come up from San Francisco today to sit with mom and be the texting pipe line to Trish (wife), Susie (mom’s sister) and Jimmy (other brother) so that I could take the day and work on the kinks in my back, get some work done for work and more, I agreed and jumped at the offer.   1,161 more words

April 2014

Jumble Spoiler - 03/18/14

Visual Description:  Checking in on Junior’s progress.

TIRLF  =  FLIRT,  SUSIE  =  ISSUE,  KACTJE  =  JACKET,  DONLEO  =  N… 268 more words


The Morrison Writing Factory

Last fall I gave a talk at my favorite library in the world: my hometown  Morristown and Morris Township Public Library in Morristown, New Jersey. 401 more words

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Wolff To Be First Woman In 22 Years To Drive During Race Weekend

Susie Wolff is to become the first woman of the twenty-first century to drive during a race weekend.

Wolff, who works as a development driver with Williams F1 Team, is to take the Williams FW36 out on track for two Free Practice sessions this year, without specifying which two. 108 more words


A Bit of a Rest

 Today was a fairly simple day as my dad and I were tired and finding that the jet lag was catching up with us. First went to Wal-Mart where we spent about an hour looking for T-shirts that were not extra extra large and looked like tents on us. 229 more words