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Lovely Tina

Spick and Span understood that it was all in the look and the top girlsĀ responded perfectly. In this picĀ from the afore-mentioned famous carpet sweeper set, Tina Ryatt, now minus skirt but regrettably white stilettos too, provides one of the “dirtiest” looks you’ll see. 102 more words


Anne and the Vacuum Cleaner

Back to those pesky domestic appliances and perhaps to the most astonishing set of them all. This one features a young lady called Anne Mattingley and the spread appeared in the Winter 1960 edition of BB Extra. 118 more words


Suspenders 'n time

How many Cro Magnons does it take to figure out suspenders?

It’s Saturday morning. I’m pouring coffee in the kitchen. At a leisure pace. Cro Magnon is up, clad in a pair of shorts and tee shirt. 319 more words


Mustard Suspenders

One of my favorite pairs of suspenders is the mustard pair. It works perfectly with everything right now. Here is a fun little photo shoot I did with Jess or @hippietrash on Instagram. 42 more words

Martina and the Vacuum Cleaner

The domestic cleaning appliance was still in vogue in later editions of Spick and Span, such as this set featuring one of the very few coloured girls to appear in the magazines, Martina Evans. 89 more words


Make every layer count.

Want to firm up all those not-so-well behaved parts, but avoid the Bridgett Jones moment if your lucky enough to end your evening with some company? 36 more words


Tessa Continued...

More cleaning, then relaxing with a magazine and a cup of tea. Tessa’s lovely knowing look at the camera in the first two pics turns into a more dirty come-on as she lies on the floor, first with her skirt half-way up and then all the way. 110 more words