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'Spick and Span Extreme' 2

The well-developed Miss Divine indulging in another mock bondage romp involving fully-fashioned nylons and a different ‘game’ young lady… this time in what I would guess was Maple Leaf’s office (note primitive computer in background!). 142 more words


'Spick and Span Extreme!'

Maple Leaf Studios was a small video operation working out of Kent and selling through the small ads in the 1980s. To say they weren’t exactly sophisticated would be an understatement, but they were all the better for that. 192 more words


Stefano's Look

En el instituto en que estudio se ve mucha variedad de looks, algunos que te lagrimean los ojos no de felicidad y otros que inspiran causando alivio y alegrĂ­a sobretodo en los amantes o seguidores de moda. 215 more words


Back To The Video Vault 2

Here she is arising from an apparent nap in the depth and warmth of the woods — in stockings and suspenders, skimpy bra and knickers, and those lovely white high heels. 106 more words


Lovely Jamie

I could not resist posting this lovely pic from a three-part set just posted on the Beautiful Brits site. The young lady is of course one of their regulars, Jamie, who in my opinion is an absolutely stunning young modern Spick and Span dolly who would not be out of place in an original Toco publication. 103 more words


From The Video Vault 2

Here’s where the real “Spick and Span” action takes place. She squats down at floor level to continue polishing, her knees part further and further, and you are treated to some terrific views right up her skirt (with her blouse buttons still undone and her bra cups showing it makes for an S&S double whammy!). 119 more words


Casual Schoolgirl

Apologies for the crappy elevator mirror shot but I just wanted to share another DIY! Want to make your own jumper skirt? Well all you need is a skater skirt, two pieces of same colored cloth or actually, you can just buy suspenders and get it over with! 188 more words