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My short story, officially in print

This feeling is indescribable. A story of mine, “The Frontman’s Journey,” is now published and available in both print and digital versions in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. 170 more words



Director of Photography: Giuseppe Rotunno

Director: Dario Argento

Perfect Shots

Night Crawler-John Reinhard Dizon

A female vigilante with a degree in chemistry.

This book draws on a dozen social issues—gay rights, sexism in science and business, gangs, and terrorism. I now want to visit New York City less than I did before. 262 more words

3 Star

Writer's Block Broken

Another passion on my list of many passions is writing. I’ve been writing since my pre-teen years as a form of expressing my feelings when I couldn’t physically talk with another person. 3,941 more words

A Review on “INESCAPABLE: THE BEGINNING” by Madge H. Gressley

Posted on July 28, 2014 by nicholaaspencer


By Madge H. Gressley

Headstrong, impulsive, and beautiful Darcey Callahan takes off in search of Brad, her life’s love, who did not call five weeks after he went on a secret, high-profile job abroad, despite his promise that he would. 625 more words

CH54- Katherine Medici

Chapter Fifty-Four

 Katherine Medici


 Moscow, Russia.

 The best way to destroy your enemy is to make others loathe them just as much as you do. 484 more words

The Last Witness by Glenn Meade

Carla Lane is happily married to her famous musician husband and works as his manager. They have just found out that she is pregnant and are ecstatic about it. 217 more words

Book Review