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TRX Suspension Trainer

Hey guys!  I hope you are all doing well and are looking forward to Easter weekend.

As of late, it seems like I’ve had more and more clients who are always on the go.   255 more words

TRX Training

TRX Training is a training-based suspension system. Although it requires coordination, balance and strength it is easier than it may seem to use. Prepare yourself to be humbled by a meager little yellow and black cord. 195 more words

Foundation Training

I Cross Train with TRX…A LOT.

Monday: 15 abs

Thank you guys so much for all the fueling advice!! After reviewing comments I’m going to try eating small amounts of food frequently, instead of what i’m used to doing–> GU every 45 minutes. 356 more words

The Women’s Cardio Trap

I remember a group of trainers at a gym once assuming that I always did cardio, couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s just every time they saw me, I was attached to a spin bike teaching. 1,523 more words

A/. 40/40 challenge
40 Ring Push ups & 40 Dead Ring Rows
Straps at neutral.

B/. 20 min AMRAP
5 suspended HSPU
10 Back Row… 10 more words


Greater Realities of Physical Fitness

Fitness can be an attempt to go beyond the ordinary human experience. It begins with exploring the limits of the body, and it then explores the limits of the mind. 1,574 more words

TRX: Do you even Suspension Train Bro?

As I finish up yet another work out and look for something to really burn out my muscles, I head over to the far corner of the gym. 812 more words