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Of Fashion and Forests

As I window shop throughout Aventura Mall, it’s hard to consider, much less question, the environmental impacts of the fashion products I observe. The modern retail marketplace overwhelms my senses with quixotic color displays, seductive background music, and the energetic cacophony off thousands of other shoppers. 190 more words

#AtoZChallenge: Sustain

Hello, friends, and Happy Earth Day! As a Horticulturalist/Community Garden Coordinator, Earth Day is a big day at work for me. Later I’ll be speaking with 300-ish people at an event in town (gulp) and then having a work day with some teens going through the Job Corps program. 312 more words


Aluminium And Timber Light Shades By Nick Sadowsky Use Gravity To Sustain Shape

Gravity keeps the aluminium and timber components of these lamp shades by industrial designer Nick Sadowsky locked with each other.

The pieces on the Spindent Light don’;t use any screws or adhesives, as an alternative relying on aligned element components that slot into every other… http://goo.gl/JhS8kC

Daily Ideas

Zombies and Jesus.

Now that I think of it, zombies are not a far stretch for the imagination.  I am not referring to the creature of Haitian folklore, but rather the Hollywood depiction often referred to as, “The Walking Dead”: lifeless but still moving. 467 more words

Slay Any Giants Lately?

Ever have a glass-half-empty person say you  “weren’t able” to achieve a dream or a goal?  Hopefully it drives determination in us, but often times we find ourselves believing the negative. 530 more words

Christian Living


I struggled to motivate myself to go to the YMCA yesterday and exercise. I moaned and groaned about going and told myself to just push forward and do it. 333 more words

Nature? Wait what is it?

Lately I’ve been doing my assignments for university and have been bogged down in the amount of time needed to complete readings. However some of the things I have found interesting is how much all my assignments are starting to revolve around the terms “sustainability” or “nature” and even “biodiversity”. 116 more words