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Black Friday

The holidays are here and the commercials runneth over promoting shopping for everything and anything. Stores are making their employees work on Thanksgiving instead of giving them time off to spend with their families. 81 more words


Sustainability and rationality in your personal life

Coming from all the excesses of capitalism, I think that we all learnt the lessons that the fast life excesses generated in not only the frustrations of the instant satisfaction but also the fear of loosing purchasing power, we reduced our material consumptions and expenses. 556 more words

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Are you Dreaming over the Rainbow?

I have to be honest. This was originally going to be a post where I ask anyone who is out there reading all my lighthearted posts about homesteading if they could find it in there heart to help us save the farm. 333 more words

10 Things You Need to Know About the U.S.-China Climate Deal

The world’s two biggest polluters—the U.S. and China—announced their most ambitious climate action yet. That is not a coincidence: it’s a sign that environmental pressure is working, and that we need to apply much more. 713 more words


Climate action at home

This week’s ‘Climate action at home’ workshop in Holdfast Bay attracted about twenty local residents. I was one of three speakers who presented information on the nature of climate change, how it is affecting us and what we can do about it. 327 more words

Climate Change

The Gentle House

From the architect. Human these days is living in a world where the globalization is rapidly developing in extremely diverse and complicated aspects, driving the earth to go far away from its original balance. 52 more words


Paying attention to what we cook can help reduce food waste

“A lot of it comes down to menu planning, buying smaller amounts of things, knowing how to store different kinds of fruits and vegetables,” Brink says. 7 more words