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Recycling Education: Help Minimize Waste in Landfills

By Laura Schmidt, Sustainability Resource Center

It’s important to reduce consumption and reuse items when possible, but it is vital to know your recycling system so you can use it correctly when reuse isn’t an option. 768 more words



I was 20 minutes late for the public meeting in the Church last night so this might not be a full record.. But it is a record of some sort nonetheless: 384 more words

Local Politics

Romanian broadcaster is in the money. Just

The Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company ended the 2013 financial year with a net profit of some 1.2 million euros from total revenues of 93 million euros.


TU's $2 million check

There was plenty of green to go around this Earth Day. On April 17, TU became Maryland’s first higher education institution to sign the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Better Buildings Challenge, committing the university to reduce energy in campus buildings by 20% by the year 2020. 220 more words


Earth Day and sustainability

Terry Gips, President, Sustainability Associates talking about the four pillars of sustainability at Apparel, Merchandising, and Design Department, St. Catherine University




H&M Conscious

Two months ago I bought my first H&M Conscious item and I have to shamefully admit probably my first sustainable fashion piece to date. Of course sustainability is not new to fashion as it is not new to you and me. 619 more words

Environmentally Friendly

How not to fry the sh*t out of everything

Turkish food has a reputation. Some of it is a good reputation (the glories of the Mediterranean diet, both super-healthy and super-delicious); some of it is bad (doner kebab, anyone?). 494 more words