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Road Madness

Yesterday’s announcement that the State and Federal Governments intend to spend $1.575 BILLION dollars on a truck freeway from the Roe Highway to Stirling Highway in Fremantle is the most depressing news I’ve heard all year. 345 more words


Yule Calendar#17 - Transformations

Transformation. Transformation. Transformation.

Why is Transformation on my mind so fiercely at Christmas time?

Well, it’s all around us.

At Christmas we transform our homes, our work places, our streets. 677 more words


Plastic waves

There are many pieces of plastic in our oceans. We are not just talking about a little bit here and there. PLOS ONE journal states it is 5.25 trillion particles of plastic – 5.25 TRILLION!   151 more words


And Thou Shalt Grow Without Limits

I’ve never been given a satisfactory answer to this question. I’m hoping someone will satiate my curiosity here.

First, let’s address the assumptions required in the asking of this question. 132 more words



Last week, I was asked by the Wye Our Place project to interview Pat Conaty, a research associate at Cooperatives UK about social care co-ops: 350 more words

Local Politics

Local councils worldwide: Divert materials from landfill

I’ve started a petition to lobby local councils worldwide to manage materials more sustainably by reusing any that are put out on the kerbside for collection, instead of sending them to landfill. 22 more words


Responsible Freo cafes putting plastic in its place

As part of the City of Fremantle’s One Planet commitment to waste reduction, the City and the Fremantle Business Improvement District (BID) are calling on all Fremantle cafes to join the… 330 more words