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Online UWC 2014: What we learned from our students (Part 1/2)

by Hanna Celina and Robin Tyne

Educating for tomorrow

In most schools around the world, we still teach as if knowledge was not readily accessible via technology. 1,528 more words


Overgrazing leading to soil desertification

 Photo credit: Pixabay

Livestock at the Nile

How does overgrazing cause desertification?

By Lauren Carlson

In the film, “Hope in a Changing Climate,” reviewed last month… 95 more words



Posted Saturday 24 January 2015

The Irish low cost fast fashion chain PRIMARK has on several occasions attracted attention due to allegations of unethical and unsustainable methods of production. 355 more words

Ethical Fashion

The Hypocrisy of Freedom

It’s not even a few weeks since a gaggle of world leaders attempted to co-opt the genuine mourning and defiance of the ‘Je Suis Charlie’ marches, ostensibly standing with the marchers in the spirit of freedom of speech and against oppression, but in reality merely looking for a photo opportunity and to use the atrocity of the previous week as an excuse to further erode civil liberties in the name of the ‘war on terror.’ 727 more words

Freedom Of Speech

Hedura Ivy at it's Finest!

The architectural firm of ZAA has done a brilliant job marrying nature on the outside with nuture on the inside. This Italian country villa is my idol. 69 more words


How Long Can the U.S. Oil Boom Last?

Fracking is not only terrible for the climate, it is also unsustainable production for the United States. It is estimated that our production will decline by 2020 due to lack of reserves. 8 more words

Mark Masselli

Freedom of Speech, and Transparency.

The tragedy of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris is fresh in the mind, as are the countless tragedies around the world; that is the Boko Haram massacre in Nigeria, as well as the many civilian lives lost in the west’s continuous quest for control of natural resources. 749 more words

Stop, Reflect & Listen . . .