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Research into bee-killing pesticides is tainted by corporate interests

Members of Britain’s parliament say industry-funded research is compromising the fight to save pollinators

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Here’s one way to keep us from finding out once and for all whether pesticides are contributing to the mysterious and catastrophic collapse of the world’s bee colonies: let the people manufacturing the pesticides fund the studies. 547 more words


Nestlé is bottling water straight from the heart of California’s drought

The company is exporting a seriously limited resource with no oversight

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As residents of California are urged to conserve water and the state… 592 more words


How Rupert Murdoch created the world’s newest climate change villain | Salon

Australia, the sunburned country, is uniquely vulnerable to the dangers and risks of global warming. Whether it is the severe effects of flooding, unseasonal heat waves, devastating bush fires or decade-long droughts, Australia’s people, economy and natural environment have all keenly felt the impact of extreme weather and climate change. 127 more words

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