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The Efficient Revolution, the Malthusian Trap and the Circle of Trust

Dear Reader, I hope you’ve experienced joy today. I have experienced the special joy of discovering a fine mind and writer. For me it’s the joy of wanting to know more about their ideas and their progress on an important project. 918 more words


Give it away, give it away now

Given that I change houses, states and even countries more often than I get my hair cut, you’d think that I would be adept at packing and travelling light. 377 more words


How a successful sustainable hotel strategy can lead to more direct bookings

A truly committed sustainability path can provide hotels with wider economical results, as the Vienna’s boutique hotel Stadthalle proves. 59 more words


Organic Gardening, Sustainable Agriculture and Permaculture

What is the difference?

What are the best practices for you and your yard or garden? Below, organic gardening, sustainable agriculture and permaculture are discussed. They are similar to each other yet have key differences and are applicable in different scenarios. 840 more words


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DIY Pot mosaic from CD-scraps

What an excellent way to reuse those scratched or otherwise unusable CDs.

From The DIY ShowEarth Day -DIY Gazing Flower Pot


Mother Nature’s Daughters

The New York Times claims a gender divide is evident amongst urban gardeners. There is a preponderance of women working for low pay, making it a pink collar ghetto. 73 more words


Miami University's Geothermal Powerplant

OXFORD, Ohio – For students living in the new western dorms fall semester, air conditioning and heating won’t be fueled by Miami University’s traditional coal-powered methods. 715 more words