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A Lamorinda Camp Exclusive: Meeting Nature Through Miwok Eyes

Still looking for the perfect camp? Want to learn a little about the local history of Lamorinda? Then come and join us at the Lafayette Community Garden and Outdoor Learning Center and immerse yourself into the abundant world of nature as experienced by the local Native American Tribe, the Saclans/Miwoks. 99 more words

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New morphologies for a Sustainable Development

Possible scenarios for the Qattara Depression


2013 IUAV

Virginia Bertoli
Giulia Rigoni


Machu Picchu

From MASStourism to ECOtourism.

2013 IUAV

Giovanni Formentin
Massimo Gatti
Gianluca Stefani


Teardown city

In early 2014 the Decatur City Commission voted to annex 77 parcels in unincorporated DeKalb County. The Parkwood neighborhood was among the last residential subdivisions developed in historic Druid Hills. 247 more words



“The Janjaweed, the Lord’s Resistance Army, Al-Shabab and Boko Haram … have all been involved in poaching ivory and rhino horn to fund terrorist attacks.” ( 21 more words

Week 3: The Farm at St. Joe's Part I

I was excited for my first dietetic internship rotation because¬†it fits pretty well with my interest in sustainable food. I just spent a week and a half at a farm, but it’s not your average farm. 235 more words

Dietetic Internship