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Sustainability-oriented poetry | Ten unforgettable pieces from Byron to Tennyson

Values play a key role in bringing about behaviour change appropriate for sustainability and poems have great potential to influence us to think deeply about our values and our relationship with the rest of nature. 366 more words

Earth Day Every Day with Fair Trade

One of the 9 principles of Fair Trade is environmental stewardship.  Fair Trade products are made using sustainable practices and often out of recycled or re-used materials like rubber, metal, glass, fabric and paper.   65 more words

Fair Trade

Educating to learn

Acorns learning at Oakwood Denbury is an outdoor leaning center run by a family. Steph and I arrived to find an outdoor fire, a long table with food and friends celebrating with their children. 306 more words

Ethical Business

Ancient World @ National Gallery of Victoria

I teach Ancient History to year seven, so finding the Ancient World exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria was a real treat. Under the Australian Curriculum we can range wide so finding artifacts from Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Mexico and other parts of South America was great. 64 more words


Heirloom Home

A Fresh Look at Furnishings that Last

Why not expand on the spring tradition of home cleaning by appraising existing home furnishings and décor to see how rearrangements can freshen the whole presentation? 24 more words

April 2014

China to 'maintain self-sufficiency in food production'

Despite an expected increase in the country’s food imports, China will maintain self-sufficiency in its main food crops, including wheat and rice, in the coming decade, said anagricultural report released on Sunday. 47 more words


Dissemination, Preservation and Sustainability

 During our last seminar of the semester we discussed ‘dissemination, preservation and sustainability’. Whilst these elements of a project come into effect towards the back end of it they are of vital importance possibly as much as the intrinsic strength of the resource itself – it’s all well and good creating a great website but if no one knows about it it’s about as much use as a terrible one. 432 more words