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Sustainability: Laundry Bombs at home

I’ve been meaning to make sustainable changes to my lifestyle, and to save a penny
as well.  I always hate buying laundry detergent at the store because it’s expensive… 177 more words


Tagliatelle con Portobello // Rousseau Il Doganiere, Lucca IT

Delicious homemade ribbons of tagliatelle tossed with sliced portobello mushrooms.

It isn’t easy to find a restaurant that can accommodate 20 people for dinner without reservations. 522 more words


Ricotta Salata // White Truffle Festival, Volterra IT

Aged white sheep’s cheese made from whey.

I had been reading about all of the wonderful local food festivals in Tuscany in the fall and hoping we would be able to find one during our stay. 644 more words


Faith Filled Fridays : We Bought a House!

Our Hatfield Homestead (even though we didn’t really homestead) can officially plant roots. We bought a house!
The hubs and I have been working towards this goal pretty much since we got married over 7 years ago. 325 more words


Purchasing Organic Produce

Today I bought Organic apples and pears. Here was my reasoning:

1. Pesticide use has been proven to have a negative impact on the environment (scientific articles to come at a later date, if you don’t believe me.) 48 more words