"House To Vote On Controversial ‘No More National Parks’ Policy"


Responding to President Obama’s decision last week to protect a stretch of California’s Coast near Point Arena as a new national monument, the House of Representatives is planning  674 more words

Don Lichterman

This is what you call Hunting? Come on Now....

The 23 Idaho wolves shot from a helicopter last month were just the latest in a decades-long trail of carnage and indiscriminate bloodshed. And Idaho Wildlife Services admitted to their plan only after all the wolves were dead.  380 more words

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Congress Tries to Undermine EPA on Climate Change

Clean Energy Investments in Obama Administration’s FY 2015 Budget Proposal

As part of the never-ending attacks on the Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to reduce carbon pollution from both new and existing power plants, the House this week passed the Whitfield-Manchin bill (HR 3826) by a vote of 229-183.Climate change is the number one threat to birds and global biodiversity. 1,148 more words

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Can we also stop slamming the heads of seals Please with wood planks....Thanks...Is that too big of a deal to ask humans with brains?

Honestly…I thought that was done…(there i go again…being in my own bubble where i think people act like normal). I had no clue people still killed seals this way and for this asinine reason. 535 more words

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The Green Investments 2015 Budget

This month, the environmental community released its Green Investments 2015 Budget, a proposal for Congress to invest in our lands and wildlife and put a halt to harmful cuts that hurt both our environment and our economy. 797 more words

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