Yummy: Dog Meat!

End Barbaric Dog Meat Trade

The dog meat industry in Southeast Asia is still operating despite efforts to shut it down. Help put an end to this cruel industry and to the consumption of dog by signing the petition. 1,453 more words

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Yummy: Whale Meat!

L.A. Restaurant Owner Pleads Guilty Fined $27k For Serving Endangered Sei Whale Originally Caught For “Science” by Japan

Today was a big day for whales. 1,731 more words

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BREAKING: Silky and thresher sharks are now protected internationally by the Convention on Migratory Species (UNEP-CMS)! Now countries must work together to protect these species and build a healthier… 143 more words

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See Wild, Rugged Isle Royale Next Summer with NPCA

Did you know that 97% of Michigan’s spectacular Isle Royale National Park is designated wilderness, and its wolves and moose are the stars of one of the longest-running wildlife studies in the country? 347 more words

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