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Police are responding to reports of a shooting on or near Marysville-Pilchuck High School. Former Weapons Inspector in Iraq Raises Skepticism over Claims Iran Is Hiding… 771 more words

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15 Fascinating Marine Species You Won’t Believe Actually Exist (PHOTOS)

Compared to the world we know on land, the environment of the depths of the ocean seems like a completely different universe. Underwater you can find… 358 more words

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After Another Guy Jumps The White House fence, He Kicks the Guard Dogs, However, The Dogs Win That Battle!

Secret Service guard dogs are in spotlight after latest White House fence jumping

Secret Service K-9 Hurricane – black Belgian Malinois, left, and Jordan – black/tan Belgian Malinois. 1,886 more words

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You know what the Elephant in the room is people?

That this is NOT normal! Saama and Nosey in particular need some quick help from us.

Elephants like the one shown here are usually stolen from their families as babies or bred in captivity.  667 more words

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