Tell the EPA: Protect communities from toxic oil refinery pollution

Submit a public comment to the EPA:

“Thank you for proposing strong new rules to reduce and monitor air pollution from oil refineries. Now you must follow through and further strengthen the rules to protect communities from the harmful effects of refinery pollution. 452 more words

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Taji Japan fisherman steal a few living beings from your Oceans this week;

Remember please that if you go to a resort and to the Sea Worlds of the world, you are the problem too; Its appalling and no different from how we acted when we stole black people from their… 2,399 more words

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We should all be so proud!

52% of the world’s animals have died off in just four decades

(NaturalNews) While it is common knowledge that living unsustainably has its consequences, that hasn’t prevented the majority of the world from excessively over consuming its limited resources. 704 more words

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