Saying that term Natural Gas is like saying there is such thing as Clean Coal!

Aside from causing rashes on human skin, earthquakes that occur now in places that never had them before, the polluting of our water supply (can even be lit on fire), the pollution of our oceans, the ruining of our National Parks, fracking for that so called Natural Gas which is not natural in any way mind you, is great for the USA. 903 more words

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Elections are coming soon...Tea Party Republicans want to bring their extreme anti-woman agenda to the Senate.

Fight back against the War on Women

Help the CREDO SuperPAC hold anti-woman extremists accountable and stop them from seizing control of the Senate and advancing their agenda to roll back birth control access, defund planned parenthood and even reverse Roe vs. 356 more words

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Alex Winter on the Chat Show

Join Kevin as he sits down with actor turned writer/director Alex Winter (Downloaded, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure) as he discusses his career moving from in front of the camera to behind. 140 more words

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Rescuing a scared stranded Pit Bull who was struggling to survive.

Please visit our website for more amazing rescue videos:
If you are interested in adopting Bunny, please contact:
Special thanks to Rescue From The Hart for letting us know about this dog: … 40 more words

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Victory for voting rights in Ohio

Earlier this year, you and more than 100,000 other activists signed my petition urging Attorney General Eric Holder to intervene in Ohio Republicans’ attempts to make it harder for local residents to vote. 330 more words

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'Corporations Are People Too My Friends' ; Why Not Mammals?

Extend Personhood Rights to Great Apes

Target: United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Grant basic rights to life and freedom to fellow members of the great ape familyOur great ape relatives — chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans – continue to astound researchers with their high intelligence, sense of empathy, capacity to understand language, and recognizable facial expressions. 2,887 more words

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