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What is consumption?

Economists define consumption as part of the total economic activity, the total spending on consumer goods and services (Samuelson and Nordhaus, 1989). The environmental impact of consumption is explained as a result of production and distribution as well as consumption. 359 more words

Consumption & Sustainability

Neoclassical theory promises: a world of sustainable consumption

By Harry Saunders

Allow yourself for a moment to picture a time; say 5, 10, 50 generations in the future.  Imagine yourself in a world where everyone is consuming at a level that satisfies them.  1,845 more words

"golden Age Path"

Sitting on the sidelines

Today’s a public holiday in Malaysia, so I managed to find some time to write a poem on sustainable consumption to promote environmental awareness. :)  Being environmentally friendly is not rocket science – everybody can do it. 699 more words