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15. Food glorious food?

Our current (group) assignment involves ‘food insecurity’ and sustainability. It is worth 10% … and yet I have read and read and read and I could indeed, just keep reading. 572 more words


11. Stuff on the fly

Busy, busy, busy trying to read and keep up with things, but two items that came across my desk today that are worth adding (read: I need to get back to these/distribute to others): 345 more words


Change in Mentality

We partake in a consumer-based society. Our economic system, capitalism, greatly affects the way consumerism takes place in the country. Going back to a previous post, the way our economy is currently measured to be successful is by how much profit is made. 921 more words

Membangun Perilaku Konsumsi Berkelanjutan

Eksploitasi berlebihan terhadap sumber daya alam tanpa upaya reklamasi mengakibatkan hilangnya  ribuan  spesies  di  bumi.  Analisis International  Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) (The Red List IUCN, 2010) mengingatkan ada 15.589 spesies binatang dan tumbuhan terancam punah. 1,575 more words

Low-carbon synergy and social intelligence

Dr Joe Ravetz delivered a seminar entitled “Low-carbon synergy and social intelligence – the internal logic of a transition pathway?” on Wednesday, 26 February 2014  to the Sustainable Consumption Institute at the University of Manchester. 319 more words


No time to waste

Recent extreme weather events in Ireland have elevated concerns about unsustainability in the media, particularly in relation to climate change. However, there are other ways in which our everyday lives need to be transformed if we are to live more sustainably in the future, not least in terms of the problematic by-products of hyperconsumerism, more commonly known as waste.

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