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Sustainable Bone Beads, Creativity and Empowerment

I stumbled into the world of beads a couple of years ago and have been digging deeper since then. The more I dig the more I learn, their story. 355 more words


Zero Net Energy Best Practices

Every heard of a ZNEB? That’s architecture-speak for a ‘Zero Net Energy Building’ – basically a structure that uses less energy each year than it generates.  142 more words

Sustainable Design

Week 4

This week has probably been the most colourful thus far. Kicked off with lectures on biomass, looking at the different types of biomass, energy conversion, efficiency of these fuel sources, as well as uses of biomass. 584 more words

TU Delft

Series 8. Eco icon no.13

Jean Genius.

Furniture and tableware made from a recycled denim composite by Matteo Fogale and Laetitia de Allegri

London based designers Matteo Fogale and Laetitia de Allegri recently launched, at the London Design Festival, a collection of furniture and homewares  that they designed using  an ingenious composite of recycled denim, cotton and paper,called Denimite that actually looks like stone but without the weight that stone designs usually carry. 285 more words

About Finding Eco

Brilliant Idea: The Green Benefits District

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? At the EcoDistricts Summit in Washington, D.C., two urban innovators in San Francisco, the home of so many game-changing technologies, have come up with a truly brilliant idea: the… 927 more words

Landscape Architecture

Week 3

The past week there has been some interesting communication/language issues. We found out that a beamer is actually a projector , cable ties are tie wraps and they just call a car seat a maxi cosi, even though it’s a brand name. 167 more words

TU Delft

Zero-Net Energy and the Importance of Sensor-ship and Monitoring

Zero-Net Energy Buildings are those that consume no more energy than that generated by the building itself on-site – maintaining the consumption of energy at a net of zero. 442 more words