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Adventures in painted forests

Hello again!

I’m afraid this month’s post is going to have to be a short-ish one, as I’m a busy little bee! I’ve started a couple of new projects in the last few weeks, including entering images for a couple of exhibitions in Bristol, (click on ‘Shows and Exhibitions’ for pictures!) working with a couple of lovely writer friends on a dinosaur-based children’s story and volunteering at a festival celebrating sustainable ideas for a weekend (which was a blast- if any of you readers are in the Bristol area next September, please try and go along to the “Small is…” festival, there’s workshops, music, food and really really lovely people, it’s definitely worth a ticket!) Despite trying to adapt into freelance life, I’m also still hunting for part-time work in every spare moment I get. 616 more words


In July the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) published the 2014 Human Development Report. “It explains that vulnerability threatens human development and, unless it is systematically addressed, progress will be neither equitable nor sustainable.” 25 more words

Human Rights

United Nations Climate Summit 2014

The UN Climate Summit is happening today in New York. Yesterday more than 30,000 people attended the Climate March in Melbourne. People all over the world… 101 more words

Sustainable Development

Great photos of People's Climate Marches worldwide

While we are supporting student strikes here in Hong Kong, some cities around the world experienced ground-shaking protests – led by the initiative of a massive protest for a global cause in NYC. 45 more words

Life As An Earthling.

What is Sustainability?

What is Sustainability?
by John Brian Shannon

Sustainability in organizations is everything. If your business model isn’t sustainable, you won’t be there long, your co-workers won’t be there long and your client base will be forced to go elsewhere for the services, products, or resources you once provided. 58 more words


Sep 22th: World Car-Free Day!

Tommorow is September 22th: World Car-Free Day! I love this idea, and I’ve been a part of it since 2006, I guess…

A lot of people say that a single day won’t make a difference in the impact humanity has in the environment, and that’s absolutely true. 147 more words

Choose Your Destination

by John Brian Shannon

Choosing a desired outcome for your organization involves goal-setting, a method of measuring progress towards those goals, and tailoring a more efficient path towards your destination. 65 more words