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Corporate Social Responsibility – The Future of PR?

Many Americans view corporations as the real controllers of the free world, but they do not consider them to be benevolent businesses. Greed and extreme wealth are often associated with corporations and trust of them is at an all-time low. 598 more words

kapha-pacifying molten cacao to get your morning going

I’ve long had a love affair with coffee.

The nutty aroma, the oily warmth and the dark cream; America’s favorite morning beverage never fails to entice and to lure me in its direction whenever I feel sleepy, lackluster, or just in need of an energy boost. 351 more words


The sobering truth is when the oil is gone… the maximum energy we will ever be able to use is what the sun can photosynthetically give us in a day… There is no ‘next’ to cure our oil addiction.

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Zero Waste

Windmills, - preserving your countryside.

The one thing that has really puzzled me, since I came to visit your wonderful planet, is the very human trait, of disassociation and ignoring something hugely important, which you are implicated in right up to the neck, and hoping that it will go away. 514 more words

All the gear, no idea

The Twittersphere was sent into chaos on Tuesday, when Wikileaks posted some rather unnerving tweets:

Wikileaks have been involved with some pretty big stories in the past, so people were fearing the worst. 680 more words

Powered by gravity

When we think about sustainable energy in the modern world, the first things that usually come to mind are gigantic solar panels. While obtaining energy from sunlight has become a wide-spread reality and proves to be quite useful, solar panels have their downsides in obstacles such as overcast weather and tremendous expenses. 274 more words