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Feed The Soil....

On Monday I got rather long-winded about soil amendments. I talked about the CT NOFA standards, the importance of researching what you put into the soil, and even touched a bit again on some prohibited amendments and some amendments that CT NOFA asks us to either use with caution or to consider not using at all (peat moss because of its harvesting practices, fish emulsion because of mercury and overfishing). 516 more words

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The First Meal from the Garden of the Year!

An omelete from our girls’ eggs with stinging nettle, chives, sorrel, and dandelion greens! All from our garden, and so good!


Popular NW Gardening Author Linda Gilkeson to Speak at Spring Gardening Workshop

by Kate Yturri, 2014 Spring Gardening Workshop Coordinator

Dr. Linda Gilkeson will speak at the Spring Gardening Workshop April 26th about one of her favorite topics and the subject of one of her most popular books: … 266 more words

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The Benefits of Home-grown Eggs

By now, everyone has heard at least four times about the fact that we keep chickens here at the Stanton House Inn. But besides the lawn-mowing, weeding, digging, waste management, and entertainment benefits of keeping chickens (our own Naomi is a new mother, by the way), the major reason we keep chickens is the eggs! 470 more words


Organic Fertilizers And Soil Amendments

Because this is easily the most controversial topic, I was going to save it for last. But it is planting season in a good portion of the country (although not by me, yet) so I thought I’d better get this out there. 535 more words

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So What Exactly IS Organic Anyway?

As I am fond of saying, if we asked 10 traditional landscapers, “Is Roundup safe?” we’d get 10 “yes” answers.

But ask 10 organic gardeners a simple question and you’re likely to get at least 5 different answers as my post about Milorganite just hinted at. 429 more words

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You Read It Here First

So it seems that I’m going to have to disagree with even a respected garden writer like Amy Stewart. I read recently that she recommends 3-6″ of compost in the garden. 294 more words

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