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The Technology of Backyard Micro-Farming

Here’s a graphic with lots of interesting information that I’ve been asked to share!

Sustainable Gardening

Hello Blog! Hello Summer Garden!

Wow, time flies! We haven’t written since spring!  We have been enjoying the summer and all the season brings to our Florida backyard! Sunflowers, tomatoes, and elderberries have been the highlight of our gardening efforts. 47 more words

Sustainable Gardening

Protecting Pollinators from Insecticide

As we wind up what I’ve been thinking of as “Pollinator Month,” I wanted to share two fact sheets from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst about the role insecticide use may play in colony collapse disorder, about the names of some of the insecticides you should be aware of that contain ingredients that might harm pollinators, and about ways you can minimize death to the pollinators if you do choose to use insecticides–because let’s fact it, all insecticides kill, even the organic ones. 339 more words

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We've got a chicken tractor!

For all those excited to know, we at the Stanton House Inn have a new piece of equipment in the back garden: a chicken tractor! 400 more words

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As a water conservation measure, hugelculture (‘hill garden’ in German) is well fitted for New Mexico.  We built our first one this spring.  First, we dug a trench about three feet wide, 15 feet long and 1 + foot deep.  202 more words


Sunday book review: A Year at Otter Farm by Mark Diacono

Things are pretty busy on the plot right now but it’s good to have a quiet moment once in a while to reflect, take stock and get a bit of inspiration from a good book. 644 more words

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World Environment Day 2014. Raise your voice not the sea level (from June 5th)

Today is World Environment Day 2014 (WEM). It’s an opportunity for the world to stop and contemplate how we might make our environment better on one special day of the year. 308 more words

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