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Sheep Spa

Once again, it’s shearing time. A bit later this year due to the cold weather. Would you believe that it snowed again last night! No worries, the newly shorn flock were warm and cozy in the barn. 321 more words

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The good oil

Olives and their oil have been treasured for centuries, and every year at Mulberry Tree Farm we harvest our olives with great pride. And unfortunately to date, we haven’t had much to celebrate post harvest. 273 more words

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Another Batch Of Sausage

* I really promise that after this, I will try to write fewer posts about meat. It just so happens that we are in the midst of processing right now, and we thought readers may want to see how sausage is being made here at Fernwood. 453 more words

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Wow, where did I go?

I’m not sure. Life happened? It just goes to show how easy it can be to lose touch with our goals and direction. So since my last posting, (almost a YEAR ago! 563 more words

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The Angus Boys

Every parent is a little biased about their child’s talents. So it’s not surprising that I think our Angus Boys are very clever.

This morning, Hubby had some mowing business to attend to and whilst I was sipping my morning coffee, I spied a few familiar black masses in the paddock nearest our cottage – the very paddock that I had moved those familiar black masses from yesterday. 109 more words

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From Dad - Does Organics cure Cancer?

Hey Ren,

Is this where we are all going wrong, the big question. In my lifetime I have meet two people who have survived cancer by eating or extracting juice from organic fruit and vegetables. 280 more words

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“>Over the last week, we have been processing the final pig we butchered. All the major cuts….chops, roasts, hams, and loin are wrapped and in the freezer. 277 more words

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